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February 2013


It's always good to come to a craft show prepared with plenty of merchandise. But at what point does that back-stock become clutter in your display? This month, we'll take a look at how to avoid clutter, and focus on abundance.


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FNO Newsletter Editor

4 Reasons to Create Abundance versus Clutter
by the Writing Team of


The first rule that craft show exhibitors want to remember is that the eye likes to roam and take in the entire display. A person gets a feel for the booth and the crafts available through the presentation, and level of professionalism created by the display.


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1. There is a psychological benefit to having the sensation of abundance within the organization of your display. That does not mean clutter. Everything you have or have ever created cannot be on display at the same time. Abundance versus clutter provides the customer with a good feeling-the feeling that the exhibitor is a professional. Clutter does not develop a sense of quality or tastefulness.


2. Beyond the struggle between abundance and clutter, one finds the realm of emptiness. If there aren't enough objects to attract the eye and give the sense of abundance, your customers will not want to stay in the booth either. You don't want your booth to look confusing nor do you want it to look "picked clean." You don't want your potential customer wondering why you are at the show if you have nothing to display.


3. There are several ways to create the feeling of abundance without the clutter. First, try to group craft products with like-size items. For example, if you have hand made magnets you might want to consider placing them in a ceramic bowl. Once the magnets appear to be diminishing add more magnets. If you have been running low on your magnet supply, reduce the size of the ceramic bowl to maintain the sense of abundance.


4. Using shelving for larger items is great. The space between items can be used as a statement. Each item is important. You want to plan for a replacement should the larger items be sold. In other words, have a vase of flowers or a decorative object to fill in the space. Even flyers or a tray of business cards can help fill the void.


You may not know exactly how many products to bring, however, it is better to err on the side of too many rather than too little. Your goal is to entice new customers to buy and provide old customers a new reason to visit.




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