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The Beauty of Community
By Jenna Herbut


About a month ago I declared to the Universe (and Facebook!) that I wanted to do more public speaking. I absolutely love spreading the message that it's possible to do what you love and make the money you desire. I believe in this message with all my heart. Within a couple weeks of making this declaration I was asked to speak 3 different times at the Craft Council of BC's Craft Invested Conference. I was thrilled and honoured to share my wisdom with my peers.


When I do any public speaking I make sure to focus on the audience and try my best to give as much of myself as I can to them. I'm also very aware of how they interact with each other. One thing I observed from the CCBC conference was how beautiful it was to see the craft community unite. During breaks I saw people meeting each other and sharing their experiences. So often when we are running our businesses, we're isolated from our peers. We do our work from our homes and studios and it's not often that we come together to share our stories.


There is so much rich value in being open and transparent with your community. To share your achievements, failures and dreams. No one can understand and resonate with you like the people who are on a similar journey to fulfill their dreams. This is such an incredible way to learn and grow your business in ways you never thought were possible. Plus it's a great way to make friends with people who understand you on a whole different level.


The conference provided an amazing platform for uniting like-minded people so they could learn from all of the speakers, but also remind them that they are not alone. Being an artist, crafter and maker can feel very lonely sometimes, but as soon as you meet someone else who has had similar experiences, it magically makes you feel at ease. Plus it's fun to know people in that same boat!


In certain ways it feels like we are more connected than ever before. With social media it's possible to interact with people all over the planet with a couple clicks of a button. Although this is amazing and super beneficial for your business, there is no replacing those interpersonal connections within your community of like minded people.


I know when you are running a business you get so busy with the millions of things you have to do. It can be really hard to make the time to reach out and connect with your community. But, I can tell you from my first hand experience, it's SO worth it! These people will be able to support you in ways you could never imagine. Plus you will feel camaraderie and genuine friendship.


Sparkly love,






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