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Not Getting Responses From Events You've Contacted? We're Here to Help!

by Michelle Morrison of the FestivalNet Staff


We know that the wait can feel like forever after you've submitted your application to a prospective event. And not hearing back at all can feel very discouraging. But fear not! We've compiled some trade-secrets to help you get ahead of the pack, improve your response rate, and get accepted to more events!

In most cases it's actually what you do BEFORE you contact the event that will set you up for a better response rate in the end:

  • Make sure you are contacting the right events for your product/service. Our Pro Search can help you with that. For example, selecting categories from the "Allowed" drop down in the "Exhibitors" box will find events that allow what you do. For more search tips, there's a help link in the top left corner of Pro Search
  • Be sure the deadline date has not passed. Contact each event well in advance of their application deadline, otherwise emails & calls will not likely be returned. Use our handy "Deadline Reminder Newsletter" and the "Deadlines" option in Pro search to get ahead of the game.

Important note about deadlines:

  • Keep in mind that a posted deadline doesn't mean applications will always be accepted up until that date. Festivals will frequently fill all open slots before their posted deadline. That's due to no fault of your information source, it's simply the way the business works.
  • Check out each event's website for additional application info and specific instructions. Always follow each event's requirements exactly as indicated for successful application acceptance. Promoters usually post tons of specific requirements for their event so read them carefully!
  • Be sure your FestivalNet Profile is filled out completely. Make sure you include clear photos, full company description, and double check to make sure it is free from spelling errors. Once it is, try using our handy email EPK link! Remember, you only get one chance to make that first impression!
Ok, so, you've done all of the above, and contacted the event by email, phone, or post. What should you do now?
  • Follow up your initial communication with a phone call. It's important to show continued interest, but be careful not to over do it. Space your follow up calls/messages a week apart. Always call far before the deadline to learn what your first step must be with each event.
Lastly, FestivalNet is here to help!! Should you get any returned (undeliverable) emails or discover a disconnected phone number, please let us know asap! Contact and we will gladly research that for you. We work very hard to provide accurate event data but sometimes contact info will change.

Good Luck!





by lstallings, posted 08/30/22 17:42:45

Does this membership include fees from providers of shows?

by kennethkahn, posted 01/15/20 14:34:34

This is very helpful information. I think the thing to remember is it's a process.

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