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March 2015

Are you getting snubbed by the media? Carolyn Edlund is back this month with advice on how to make all the right steps with the press.

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FNO Newsletter Editor

How to Get Rejected by the Press

by Carolyn Edlund

Are you making this huge mistake when reaching out to the press? Here's how to take the right approach for better results.


Collage of artwork by Kelly Dombrowski. Alcohol ink on Yupo paper.

As an art blogger who publishes frequent business articles and features, I've been a "press member" for years - and I've been contacted thousands of times by artists and others who are seeking publicity for their artwork, project or event.

That means pitches and inquiries come into my inbox every day. Lots of them. And honestly, although most of the people who get in touch are probably very nice people, they are making a fatal mistake when it comes to getting press attention. They are using a "scattershot" approach and not taking the necessary time to customize their emails.

Here's one example: the email (usually through my contact form) that starts with "Hi there" or no greeting at all. It's from someone I don't know who wants me to read their message, click on all their links, and take some kind of action - for example, creating an article about them or inviting them to write a guest post.

Now I know full well that "Hi there" means they don't know my name (which is easily found on my site) and they probably know nothing about the blog. The sender is using "copy and paste" to reach out to everyone on a list that they obtained. These are form letters sent out to serve the interests of an artist seeking some free publicity.

Essentially the sender wants to minimize the time they take to seek press coverage, and are using their form letter to ask the press member to read their content, view their portfolio, and decide to undertake a project to their benefit. They want to send a quick, generic and impersonal "copy and paste" message, but want they want in return is a time-consuming and customized result. That rarely works, and ends up as a major frustration to both the artist and the press member being solicited.

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