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April 2016

One of the biggest issues as an online artist is dealing with shipping. This month's article from Carolyn Edlund should help you figure out some ways to deal with it.

We are happy to announce a new travel partner. Check below for details about our new tool to help you find lodging.

Happy selling!

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How to Deal with those Dreaded Shipping Costs

by Carolyn Edlund

We know that the wait can feel like forever after you've submitted your application to a prospective event. And not hearing back at all can feel very discouraging. But fear not! We've compiled some trade-secrets to help you get ahead of the pack, improve your response rate, and get accepted to more events! Do you hate the thought of paying for shipping? If so, join a group that includes everyone you know. Overcome these charges by thinking a bit differently and taking a new approach.

Here's how to work around those issues.

A few years back, when I was working as a sales rep for art publishers and giftware manufacturers, I assisted a young business owner in her booth at the New York Gift Show. She set up her display of handmade journals and leather goods, and placed a large sign announcing a special offer of "10% discount on all orders placed at the show." As the day progressed, response to her special was lukewarm at best.

I asked her to tell me about the shipping costs involved with her products. She did some calculations, and determined that shipping came to about 8% of the average order placed. We changed our strategy and the show special to "all orders placed at the show would get free shipping."

Buyers listened - and they wrote orders. Saving on the perceived cost of shipping was a greater incentive than a discount on the order itself. Those who placed orders didn't ask the dollar amount of the savings, and we were actually offering less than a 10% discount. But that didn't matter, because the idea of free shipping trumped all.

Shipping costs can set up a psychological barrier for many customers, and may even kill a sale. Have you experienced this in your own business? It happens especially with large or heavy items, but can affect any purchase.
Here are a few ideas to overcome that resistance, and even lower your own costs:

1. Reduce shipping (or offer it free) by increasing the price of your goods. Build value into your work and increase the price, given that you are now including shipping in your pricing formula. This strategy is used by retailers of all types to reduce or eliminate the "shipping cost" line item from their invoices, and it can work very well.

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