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September 2012
Being successful when selling your crafts online is more about just the product. In this month's article, our resident expert, Julie, will go over some harsh, but helpful tips on building a successful online shop.


Have you listed your items online? Check out other FNO Marketplace sellers' shops for inspiration, and remember, it's free to list your products with FNO!


Happy selling!


FNO Newsletter Editor

Tough Love for Selling Online
by Julie Cochrane



The FestivalNet Marketplace offers many options to sell your arts & products online for little or no commission. With our web traffic exceeding 750,000 visitors monthly - it's an awesome platform for major exposure and the potential to start making web sales. We are so pleased to offer free and inexpensive options that you can sign up for and change at any time.


FNO Shop Plans

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(Access these options from 'My Account' - 'Upgrade/Renew' - 'Change Shop Plan')


And now for a little tough love. Many of the shops I see in the FNO Marketplace need some attention. Some shops need major attention. I wrote this love note to our sellers as a wake up call to help you get more nibbles in your shop. Please, if you want to make some sales, take a look at your items. Make sure you're hitting these points.


If the photo stinks, your product also appears to stink! You might think you're selling a masterpiece, but if the picture is badly lit, unclear and fuzzy, or just plain crappy, guess what, it won't sell. Get a 2nd opinion if you're not sure if your pictures are worth uploading. If you do not have good pictures (yes, plural, you need more than one picture of your item), don't bother uploading it, because it won't sell. Sorry.


Descriptions are pretty important. OK, not mentioning any names here, but I've seen stuff in the marketplace where the artist doesn't even say what it is made out of and they want $700 for it. No idea how large it is, don't know if it's framed, couldn't even quite tell if was a wall hanging or a placemat. That won't sell, sorry. You need to tell your audience what it's made out of, how large it is, and other pertinent tidbits that any sane money-spender would need to know. Write about it, and write about it well! You're the salesperson here, and without great text, pics, and info - you're not helping your buyer buy.


Your FNO profile is important too! Your shop is linked off your public profile in the FNO Community so take the time to fill out your FNO profile including a picture and at least one gallery image. Your FNO profile is where you can talk about your business and make a great impression. Don't upload your wedding picture, a glamour shot, or your cute chihuahua, but a picture of you at work in your studio, at a festival, or just a gorgeous picture of your item. Your FNO Profile is listed in our opt-in Festival Business Directory, your shop isn't, so that's another way for more people to find your shop.


If you're selling non-art items, all these points still count! If you're selling your music, include a good press quote or a fantastic lyric within your description. If you're selling your chocolate coated grasshoppers, make sure the photos of the packaging are great, and the ingredients and nutrition info is listed! Make it easy for your buyers to quickly understand your product. If you leave your audience unsure, you can kiss that sale goodbye.


If taking pics and writing about your stuff is hard for you, find someone who's good at these things and hire them or barter with them. There are a lot of tips online about photographing artwork. We've published lots of articles on this topic. We want you to succeed and start selling! We're gearing up for a big marketing push for our Marketplace so get in there and start improving your shop. The better it looks, the more shoppers will come back for more. As always, call or email the office if you want a little direction. Have a fabulous fall!


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


FestivalNet's Julie Cochrane has been answering your phone calls since 2004, and bad product photography is one of her pet peeves. If you want an honest opinion about your shop, please email



by fnoadmin, posted 09/21/12 09:28:47

Awesome Heather! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the kudos. ~Julie

by heathermbc, posted 09/20/12 21:32:32

GREAT post! Thank you for the tips.
I'm inspired to make an FNO shop! I have those things in place on other websites, but I've ignored my opportunities on FNO until now.
5% is an amazingly good commision/fee. Look for Heather MBC Designs soon!

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