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Festivalnet Wish List - Members Rate/Vote/Comment on Changes


Festivalnet Wish List - Members Rate/Vote/Comment on Changes, Asheville, NC

#25 Allow Add Photo Option on Event Ratings

credits: Would you like to see photos with our event or promoter ratings? Please rate this item.

#24 Customize Get Booked Email Text

details: Create custom default text which gets auto-inserted into email subject & body. The current functionality using the 'get booked' link in Pro Search does allow you to make edits before sending email.

#23 Add Option For Shows to Specify Original Music Or Covers

details: Add a new entertainment detail. Get the festivals to indicate if original music is allowed and/or encouraged OR are they just seeking covers.

#22 Add Fedex As a Shipping Option

details: Sellers would be able to select FedEx as a shipping option for their shop items.

#21 Exclude Specific Music Genres in Search

details: Select specific genres of music to exclude from show searches.

#20 Show Results Along a Travel Route

details: Show Results Along a Travel Route

#19 Add the Ability to Preview Blog Entry Before Submitting

details: Add the ability to preview blog entry before submitting.

#18 Display Both Zip Distance and Directions in All Search Results

details: Display both Zip Distance and Directions in all search results. Currently approximate distance is only shown when you do a zip radius search, showing distance from the zip you entered. Distance from your home zip code is also shown, if you sort your search results by distance and you did not enter a radius zip in your search options.

#16 Allow Sellers a Vacation Mode in Shops

details: Allow sellers a "vacation mode" in order to deactivate the checkout process and disallow buyers from making purchases temporarily.

#15 Provide Links to the Festivals' Social Media Pages

details: Provide links to the festival's social media pages

#14 Show Other Types of Entertainment Other Than Musical Genre in Pro Search

details: Show other types of entertainment other than musical genre in Pro search - for entertainment types like juggler, dance troupe, magician, etc.

#13 Allow Sellers to Add Options to Their Items

details: Allow sellers to add options to their items like size, color, etc, for buyers to choose from at check out

#10 Allow Members to Check Status of Event With Boxes in Their Mylist Or Mynotes

details: Allow members to check status of event with boxes in their MyList or MyNotes such as "applied for" and "$$$ sent."

#17 Allow Multiple Mylists For Pro Members

details: Allow multiple MyLists for Pro members. Customize your lists and save your shows accordingly!

#11 Add a Search Box to Mylist

details: Add a search box to MyList so members can search for certain listings

#9 Ability to Search Events and Shows by Performer Pay Range

details: Ability to search events and shows by performer pay range

#8 Allow Festival Promoters to Respond to Show Ratings and Comments

credits: Promoters Respond to Ratings

details: Allow festival promoters to respond to show ratings and comments from FNO members.

#7 Include a Line to Indicate What Your Gross Sales Were For the Event

credits: Adding gross sales to show ratings

details: Include a line to indicate what your gross sales were for the event. There will be a list of ranges for indicating your gross sales (under $300, $300 - $500, $500 - $1000, $1,000 - $1,500...).

#6 Ability to Sort Search Results by Exhibitor Fee Amount

credits: Sort by Exhibitor Fees

details: Ability to sort search results by exhibitor fee amount from lowest to highest.

#5 Show and Print Only One Event Per Page

credits: Print One Event per Page from MyList

details: When printing events details from MyList, show and print only one event per page.

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