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4 Ways to Use Your EPK

by fnoadmin, posted 08/21/19 13:24:15

4 Ways Musicians Can Use An EPK
By Dave Cool for bandzoogle.com
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You can think of it as your interactive artist resume, where anyone interested in your music can find all the information they need in one place. You can use your EPK to help you get more press, more gigs, and come across as a serious artist.

Since your website is the first place people go to learn more about you and your music, you should host your EPK there. So, how exactly can you use your EPK to help your career?

image courtesy: bandzoogle
Get press

This one should be pretty obvious — they don't call it an electronic press kit for nothing! Whether you're hoping for a blog to review your latest single, or perhaps an interview with your hometown newspaper about your musical journey, they're all going to want to see your EPK to make their jobs easier.
If you present journalists and bloggers with a current bio, your latest music, your career highlights, links to active social media pages, and complete contact info, you'll stand out as a professional artist who's worth paying attention to.

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Quality Vs Quantity

by fnoadmin, posted 08/21/19 10:34:59

Depth of Growth is More Important than Rate of Growth
by Clint Watson for fineartviews.com

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Attracting one new, deeply committed fan is worth far, far more than attracting 100 mildly interested visitors to your website.

The problem is, if you do what most articles tell you to do, you're mostly doing the wrong things or, at best, you're simply doing what everyone else is doing: you're optimizing for hundreds of mildly interested people instead of a few deeply committed people.

image via george pagan

Here are the type of articles I generally see that pass as "art marketing advice" these days:

 - "Facebook for artists: 20 ways to get more fans"
- "How to use Pinterest to Promote your art"
-  "Instagram for Artists - 5 Ways to Promote and Sell Art on Instagram"
- "Use pop-up forms to increase engagement with your art email newsletter list"
- "SEO for Artists: 7 Website Tips to Help you Rank Higher"

These articles . . . and thousands like them . . . all focus on quantity over quality. How to get more Facebook followers, how to get more traffic to your website.  But few articles focus on the quality of these prospects.  

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Logo Design Tips

by fnoadmin, posted 08/20/19 15:51:58

Creating Logo Designs Which Aren’t Boring
By M & R Specialty Trucks and Trailers

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There are various tools and options available which make the process of creating your logo easier and more affordable than ever. Now you can get a stunning logo which you can be proud of, without breaking the bank.

It’s not unheard of for a marketing agency to charge up to $25,000 for a logo design. But, it’s possible to get something which meets your needs as a small business owner, for much less.

Let's begin with  a few basic elements of logo design:

  • The Food: Most food businesses have a small and focused menu like grilled cheese sandwiches or hot dogs. If you have a clear food identity like this, ask the designer to integrate the food type into the logo. This will make it clear to prospective customers what you’re offering. 
  • The Name: Including the name of your business is a best practice of most logo designs. Often the name of your business will be positioned directly above or below the image. This is a terrific way to help the name of your business stick.
  • Fonts: Using custom fonts is one of the simplest ways to make your logo unique among your competition. There are literally thousands of options to choose from so that your logo stands out. Just make sure to select a font style that’s not too thin making it difficult to read from long distances.
  • Color Vitality: The palette of colors you choose will be one of your biggest decisions. For color scheme, take into consideration the colors and textures of your menu and match that. For example, if you serve waffles and syrup, consider a nice golden brown and molasses color scheme.
  • Stand Out: Just like fashion, there are elements that go in and out of style with logo design. Ideally, you want something that’s unique, represents your business, and can be utilized for years to come regardless of trends.
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Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions

by fnoadmin, posted 08/20/19 11:00:04
Weekly Calls for Artists and Event Updates & Additions
Hello FestivalNet member,

This is your weekly update of Calls for Artists & recently added, updated or canceled events.

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Events that were recently canceled:
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Events that were recently put on hold for this year:
Global Kids Festival - Bartlett, IL - 09 14-09 14 2019

Best of success with your work!

The FestivalNet Staff


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