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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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Artists and Crafters News:

7 Essential Features for Marketing Your Art on Facebook
by the writing team of fidelisartprints.com

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The Facebook Fan page continues to be a viable tool for building an audience and engaging with fans of your art. If you haven't build a Fan Page, now is the time to invest a morning (1-2hrs max.) to get one set-up.

To help you get started, here's a list of features that are essential for marketing your art.

1. Cover Photo: The largest change is the physical look of the page. Timeline provides a large placeholder for a single photograph or image. This is a particularly great feature for visual artists, as it provides an opportunity to feature a specific artwork. Feel free to create a collage of several artworks (in Photoshop) or feature your most popular piece.

Tip: Images for uploading need to be cropped to a panoramic format. Feel free to overlay text with your copyright or embed your name, however, do not include pricing or a call to action (This is no permitted by FB and could get your Page blacklisted).

2. The profile picture is now placed within the Cover photo. Just like the previous profile or page, this is a great place to feature a photograph of you. If you are using a business or gallery name, use this placeholder for a logo. Profile images need to be cropped square and sized at a minimum of 180x180 pixels.

3. There's also a feature called "Views," found directly under the Cover photo. This is where you'll find your photos, events, Likes and apps.

4. Under your Profile picture, is your "About" content. This will need to be carefully crafted as it is now placed front and centre for your viewers. This is a good place to include your website link and contact information.

5. The Admin Panel (seen above) is a new feature located at the top of your Page. Here is the place you can connect with your audience. Read client private messages, see who's been active on your Page in the Notifications and New Likes. When you have 31 Likes you also have the use of collecting user data through Facebook Insights.

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Musicians News:

5 Music Industry Myths That Hurt Your Music Career

by Tom Hess

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Want to build your music career faster? Stop believing these music industry myths:

Music Career Myth #1: You must be young to make it in the music industry.

Reality: Your age matters very little to bands and companies in the music business. There are thousands of professional musicians in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s in every area of the music industry. Your age won't be an obstacle unless YOU make it one.

The music business is like any other business. When you have value to offer and possess drive, determination and work ethic, you can become successful at any age.

Learn what music companies really look for in musicians and develop these skills (more on this below). This makes you highly attractive to everyone in the music industry.

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Promoters News:

Straight from the Source: Marketing Your Event

by Jackie DeVore

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First up in our Straight from the Source series is about pre-event marketing. Getting a huge crowd to your show directly affects the success of the artists, crafters, musicians, and vendors there. Naturally, folks who have been in the festival/event circuit for a while have seen plenty of marketing tactics that have worked and those that have failed. Here are some tips that come directly from our very own FestivalNet members on what they hope to see and not see.

- The bigger the crowd, the better! Don't skimp on the promotion part of event planning - not only does it determine the success of your own event, but for everyone who is booked as well.

- Give them promotional materials. You'll want the vendors, artists, and performers booked onto your show to reach out to their own fanbase to drum up more attendees - give them the tools to do so! Put together a welcome kit to send when confirming a booking that includes things like printable fliers, button ads, social media links they can share, etc. Putting a little effort into these materials can really help your bookees help you.

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Food Vendor News:

Wow Them With Your Signage

Barb Fitzgerald

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Hands down, one of my favorite times of the day is after the booth is closed when I trot off to the camper, crack open my favorite snack (chocolate), and get down to counting the money. That is, unless sales were poor. Then, I can't wait to finish the day so I can slink away to scrub the big capital "L" off my forehead in private.

There are hundreds of principles and variations of principles that influence the success of a food booth at any given event. Many are controlled by the coordinator, such as booth location, booth/attendance ratio, duplication of menus, and overall organization and promotion of the event. There are many more principles that are controlled by the vendor, such as; your menu, how well you promote your menu, booth presentation, quality of service and product, efficiency, pricing, and expanding your customer base by consistently returning to the same event. There are still other principles that are out of everyone's hands, such as the weather and local economy. It's my opinion that, in this business, the four most important factors that influence sales are: signage, booth location, menu, and operational efficiency. Of those four, three (signage, menu, and operational efficiency) are entirely within your control.

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Why You Should Start an Art Blog

by Dan Duhrkoop

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Blogs have really come a long way since they first began as online journals or diaries. Now they're often used as a means of self-publishing, and are a very practical way of getting information online to reach a large number of people.

Many artists have been successfully blogging for years, whether by writing articles like I do or publishing images of their own artwork on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, I've found so many benefits to blogging that if you're an artist and you don't have a blog, I believe you're missing out.

So take a moment and consider these 9 reasons why every artist should have their own art blog. They just might convince you to start an art blog of your own.

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