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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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June 2017 Newsletters - Artists & Crafters | Musicians | Food Vendors | Promoters | MarketPlace | Affiliates

Artists and Crafters News:

Why Corporations Collect Art
by Carolyn Edlund

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What are the reasons corporations collect art? There are definite benefits to the company, their employees, clients and the community, as well as to the artists represented in those collections.

Let's take a look at the ways a corporate art collection affects each of those groups.

The employees:

  • Art in the work environment improves the quality of life for employees, many of whom may spend most of their time in that space. Studies have shown that art in the workplace also increases employee and corporate productivity and creativity.
  • Art can stimulate conversation, networking and ideas. When choosing art for work spaces, the curator may choose pieces that are energizing or thought-provoking in key meeting areas.
  • An environment filled with visual art creates higher rates of employee satisfaction. This leads to increased motivation, and lower workforce turnover and disruption.

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Musicians News:

3 Ways to Get More Music Fans in a Week

by the writing team of nationwidedisc.com

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As a musician, you want to always be trying new ideas for ways to get more fans. Of course, music is subjective and at the end of the day you can begin to feel more like a salesperson and less like an artist. You want your music to be able to speak for itself. Unfortunately, we live in very fickle times, and it can be difficult for even the best musicians to gain any traction.

Here are three ways how to get more fans and boost your musical presence:

Interact With Your Existing Fans

If you're looking for how to get more fans, you have to engage your existing audience. This means not only setting up accounts on social media platforms, but monitoring and participating in those spheres. You do not want to set up a page and leave it. You are going to want to answer every single post or comment that is made on your social media page (or at least as many as you can) to get results. Do it honestly and quickly. Not only will this help retain existing fans, but the interactions will draw in their networks to increase your fan base.

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Promoters News:

How to Email Sponsors and Get a Response

by Daniel Mendelson

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Event sponsors can mean the difference between organizing a profitable event, or not. Sponsors can add uniquely valuable experiences to event attendees, and they can signal to industry stakeholders that the event your organizing is legitimate.


When writing a cold email to possible event sponsors, make sure you keep in mind your end goal: to start a conversation and ultimately schedule a meeting to discuss the sponsorship opportunity. You cannot expect to secure a deal just by writing the email alone. You're starting a conversation, not signing a deal.

The email should focus on value, an articulation of shared objectives and audiences, and should include a tone or language that elicits a feeling of partnership.

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Food Vendor News:

Life on the Road

Robert Berman

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Following the festival circuit across North America can be an exciting adventure, after all how many jobs provide a built in vacation environment.

Your friends back home are jealous that you have seen the four corners of the country and everything in the middle - you spend hours showing them your trip pictures and home movies - trying desperately to separate one highway from another and what state park you saw a specific national monument, luckily you have your notes.

For those of us who have traveled thousands of miles, spent time in big and small communities, lived in hotels and motels for months on end and can write a book on fast food and clean restrooms in North America, the lifestyle of constantly being on the move, being a road-warrior, is not for everyone. We miss our families and friends back home, and we don't always eat properly.

We have all made friends on the road, our traveling family. People that we continually meet at different venues, we know their first names; recognize their cars, trucks, and RVs. We can spend hours of time catching up; how we spent our winter, where we have been, the price of gas, problems encountered, where we are headed, our venue plans and who should be the next president.

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How to Engage Your Art Website Visitors

by Carolyn Edlund

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Getting website traffic is step one. Now, keep those visitors in the loop and coming back. Here are a few tips on increasing engagement with visitors to your art website:

"9 Knots" by artist Manon Sander

1. Make your Home page inviting with a compelling image of your work and a professional design.Be sure that your website is easily navigated. Frustrated visitors will just click away.

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