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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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April 2017 Newsletters - Artists & Crafters | Musicians | Food Vendors | Promoters | MarketPlace | Affiliates

Artists and Crafters News:

The Pain and Power of Tough Criticism
by Carolyn Edlund

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We all love to get wonderful compliments on our art. But sometimes we get feedback that is hard to take. It might be the best thing you could hear.

A young jewelry designer once recalled a turning point in her business. She had had a conversation and critique with a mentor, who was a jewelry designer himself. They sat down and took a look at her line together. The feedback she received was that her designs were "too common" and derivative. She was told her collection was not distinctive enough, and that she wouldn't be able to justify her prices because her work would be closely compared to imports, which were similar.

The designer took that criticism hard, and she actually stopped working in the studio for about two months. But then, she started fresh. Determined to succeed, she went back to the drawing board and created a line of jewelry that was appealing, had an interesting concept and really connected with customers. Years later, her well-received accessory line is still thriving, and she sells her work wholesale to stores across the U.S.

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Musicians News:

The Struggle Against Obsession

by NationWide Source

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The cursor sits there, flashing impatiently, daring me to fill the page with words that mean something. I have a vague concept in my head, but it shifts when I try to see it more clearly.

I start writing and get a few lines down, then backspace to delete them. They weren't quite right. I repeat this process a few more times. Nine, to be exact.

I drum my fingers against the desk again, frustrated. I'm tempted to move on to another topic, or to stop trying for the day. This is what I do. I write. So why is it such a struggle today?

Because I'm obsessing over it. I'm so focused on finding the best way to start the article and the most logical way to lay it out and the ideal story to include that I'm not making any progress. I'm getting in my way and preventing myself from accomplishing the task at hand. It's frustrating. Moreover, it's difficult to overcome.

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Promoters News:

Building Your Event Management Team

by the writing team of eventeducation.com

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The number of people involved in organizing an event depends upon the size and scale of the event. While organizing a small party may require only one or two people, organizing a very large event like the Olympics may require several thousand people.

An event management company can have following event professionals, and each have their own, unique job to do. In order to get all the gears running smoothly, it's imperative to cover all aspects of the event management team.

1) Event Manager/Event Planner

S/he has following responsibilities:

1. S/he is responsible for planning and producing the whole event.

2. S/he is responsible for procurement management and resource management.

3. S/he formulates, prepares and implement risk management plan (risks related to event planning and production).

2) Event Coordinator

S/he is responsible for coordinating with all event professionals and ensures that business operations are efficient and effective.

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Food Vendor News:

Planning a Food Concession - Where to Start

Barb Fitzgerald

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It's often hard for someone starting a food concession to know WHERE to start. I believe they should start with EVENTS. Before they plan and design any other part of their concession business they should research and become familiar with the type of events they plan to do business at. This is important because, operation-wise, different concessions are more practical and successful at different types of events.

I'll explain, but first let me start by clarifying some lingo:

Food cart - does business from a fixed location such as at a food pod or parking lot. On a day to day basis a food cart serves a steady clientele and operates much the same as a regular storefront food business. A food cart starts by pursuing the ideal permanent location for its business. With a good location found, that job is done.

Food concession - does business at various short-term, albeit sometimes multi-day, events and venues such as special events and county fairs. Concessionaires must pursue multiple locations (events) every event season.

That's all simple enough. But for concessionaires; here's the hard part:

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Seven Top Tips for Selling Online

by Chloe Thomas

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The world of ecommerce and selling online has come a very long way in the past few years and there's more competition than ever. Here are seven little tips to help you get the most out of your online shop.

  • Establish your ecommerce strategy. Just like any business venture, to sell online well you need to work out what your strategy is and stick to it. This includes your ecommerce business structure - are you online only (just selling via the website) or do you also have a physical store? You'll also need to decide on the product range you're going to stock - are you a specialist in one thing (like trampolines) or do you sell a wide range of goods tailored to your customers' requirements?
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