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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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July 2014 Newsletters - Artists & Crafters | Musicians | Food Vendors | Promoters | MarketPlace

Artists and Crafters News:

Turn Your Artistic Hobby into a Thriving Business
by Rosalind Resnick for Entrepreneur.com

When Terry Speer was a struggling art student in the 60s, he put himself through college by selling his prints and paintings at local art shows. In 1979, after eight years as an art professor, Speer left academia to do the show circuit full time with his wife, Deborah Banyas, a fellow artist and quilt maker.

"I had tenure and benefits," Speer recalls, "but I was miserable. I thought, 'Why am I torturing myself as a professor when I can have more fun doing this and make more money?'"

Speer hasn't looked back once. Today, he and Banyas run a homebased business selling their whimsical mixed-media sculptures at art festivals and craft shows around the country, including the recent Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Miami where they rang up sales of several thousand dollars over the three-day Presidents' Day weekend. Despite an estimated $3,000 in travel and other miscellaneous costs, Speer and Banyas ended up making a tidy profit. Then they packed up their truck and headed home to Oberlin, Ohio, where they stayed for less than a day before traveling to another show in Baltimore.

"This isn't an easy way to make a living," says Banyas, who estimates that the couple exhibits at 12 shows a year. "You've got to be willing to drive a truck and get up at four in the morning."

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Musicians News:

Getting Past the Gatekeepers
by Ari Herstand

I desperately wanted to get my song "Last Day" on Grey's Anatomy because I thought it was just perfect for the show. So I researched who the music supervision company for the show was and discovered they had a blog. I read up on the blog and found that one of the music supervisors in the office wanted some Samoas Girl Scout cookies and couldn't find any. I quickly went out and bought some and sent her a package of Samoas (Carmel Delights) along with my CD and a handwritten note with my email address included.

I didn't follow up, SHE ACTUALLY CONTACTED ME and thanked me for the cookies and said she'd try to place a song. She hasn't, but I've developed a cordial email relationship and she always replies to my emails now.

The thing that surprised me most when really getting in deep with the business and networking, was that the gatekeepers to some of the most exclusive opportunities were actual people, with personalities, opinions, feelings, sweet tooths and bad hair days. This sounds like a given, but knowing this changes the way you approach them.

No one wants to be approached like they're on a different level and that you're inferior - well, possibly Kanye, but for all the obvious reasons.

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Food Vendor News:

Finding Events & Marketing Your Mobile Vending Business
by Robert Berman

One of the most difficult items for the new food concession or vending cart operator is finding locations to place their vehicle or cart.

This is where aggressive marketing can make the difference. One area that is often overlooked is retailers who are having special events. Car dealerships are noted for having special day or weekend events and one thing that they always consider is supplying food!

I have been contacted on numerous occasions by car and motorcycle dealerships wanting a list of available food vendors in a specific city, town or county.

It is important for food concessionaires and vending cart operators to make themselves known in their food service area.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this:
  1. Visit the car and motorcycle dealerships. Make sure you have a flyer or business card to leave behind.
  2. Contact the local radio stations. Many radio stations will provide a D.J. for special events and actually host the show from the event. They will be aware of those events weeks in advance and may be willing to pass leads on to you or possibly create a package which includes a D.J. and food.
  3. Send flyers out in the mail to local businesses.
  4. Another area to consider are strip plazas. Many have merchant groups who are looking for promotions and other methods to draw customers to their stores. Talk to one of the local merchants and find out if they have a merchant group and how you might provide them with a presentation.

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Event Promoter News:

When Should I Send Out My Press Release?
by Heather McDonald

music successYou know how important a press release is to get the word out about whatever your band or label has going on, be it a new album, a tour, or some other piece of news. But sending that press release a the right time is another key piece of the puzzle to getting media coverage. How do you get the timing right?

As you might imagine, the answer to this question depends very much on the media you are contacting. Radio has a different lead time than a national print magazine which has different timing requirements from a website, and so on and so forth. There are ways you can take some of the guess work out of the equation, however. Do a little research and create a database:

  • Contact all of the music media outlets to which you hope to promote your music, and ask them about their deadlines. Start a database on your computer tracking this information, so you always have it on hand. You should do this far enough in advance that you haven't missed deadlines by the time you get around to making your calls. For instance, if you know that you will be releasing an album in 6 months, make those calls now.

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Marketplace News:

Considering Your Entry Thoughtfully and Strategically
by Harriete Estel Berman

Read the application/prospectus thoroughly and determine how your work can best match the stated premise or expectation of the juried exhibition, craft show, book or magazine. Know your audience and speak consistently to it from images to application.

Is the venue appropriate to your work?

A venue that has only displayed wall-hung paintings and prints may not be prepared to display jewelry or objects. An exhibition site expecting work that will be displayed outside may not even have indoor exhibition space protected from the elements, sun, rain or dust. Research what type of work they are prepared to handle and display.

generate festival leads

Does your work fit within the theme?

Production work conceived and designed to be worn at the office may not be the best choice to submit to a conceptually edgy or provocative exhibition. Conversely, one-of-akind pieces featuring controversial or political subject matter may not be suitable for submission to a church-based craft fair. A book theme focused on 500 Images to define one topic may be seeking a full spectrum from the exquisite, minimalist definition to the most outrageous or baroque, but this may not be the place to submit work that is not clearly distinguishable from the mass produced and marketed pieces that fill the pages of glossy magazines.

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