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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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March 2015 Newsletters - Artists & Crafters | Musicians | Food Vendors | Promoters | MarketPlace | Affiliates

Artists and Crafters News:

How to Balance Art and Life

by Carolyn Edlund

"Working Mother" by Joyce Wynes

Art credit: Joyce Wynes via artsyshark.com

Not long ago, I spoke with an artist who was in an intense planning and transition phase in her business. She had lots of work to do, both in her studio and home office. She needed long stretches of time to focus on growing her portfolio and her sales.

But she also had family obligations. Her elderly parents needed attention, and she was the daughter who lived closest to them. She was dealing with a persistent problem, and explained "They don't respect my time. I'm self-employed, and they feel they can call me any time of the day."

Her family clearly didn't take her work seriously, and thought she was available at any time, since her schedule was "flexible." This was wreaking havoc with her ability to do studio work, and to accomplish much.

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Musicians News:

7 Things You Should Do Now to Begin Your Music Career

by Tom Hess

  1. Don't Get Caught Speeding. Listen to the advice already given above. Focusing first on who you need to become is more important to your long term music career success than focusing on 'what actions you should take.' Don't get caught speeding through step 1 in order to get to step 2 faster. Who you will become will dramatically influence the results you receive when you are busy doing things in the future.

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Promoters News:

Keeping Your Crowd Cool At Outdoor Events

by The Writing Team of event-solutions.com

As heat waves continue to roll across the nation, planners who have upcoming outdoor events may tend to panic. How in the world are you going to keep your guests cool and comfortable if the weather turns blistering?

Of course, there are always portable air conditioners and fans, but if that stretches the budget or exceeds the power supply, you have some other options.

A Cool Damp Towel

Nothing feels more refreshing than a cool, damp cloth when the temperature is feverish. You can offer your guests that sensation with individualized, 100 percent cotton, pre-moistened towels. Patterned after the traditional oshibori nakins offered before a meal at restaurants in Japan, they can be used on hands, faces or even feet. It's a snap to chill down the packages in a refrigerator or freezer before the event.

These napkins come in different sizes and scents including lemon, lavender and peach mango.

They are also available unscented. A nice added touch is that you can customize the packaging to include your branding or sponsor information. One source: www.wtowel.com.

Drink a Watermelon

Guests will appreciate a nice cold drink, and it's even better spiked with a little jolt. Here's a fantastic summer drink from our friends at Feastivities Events (www.feastivitiescatering.com) in Philadelphia. It's easy to make in large batches, and is a luscious thirst-quencher.

First, scoop out a seedless watermelon and place the melon in a blender. Add 15 basil leaves and a pinch of sea salt. Add vodka if you desire-the amount is up to you. Puree, and serve over ice with a basil garnish. One watermelon makes about 30 drinks. Yum!

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Food Vendor News:

Coping with the End of Food Truck Fever

by Chris Ford, founder of StitchesandDishes.com

It's called a lot of things in a lot of places - the food truck phenomenon, street food revolution, food truck fever, or the food truck craze. Whatever it's called in any city, it's likely not a phase. With an average annual growth rate of 8.4%, the street food industry has grown into a thriving $1.5 Billion industry in the United States in less than a decade, and is expected to swell to a staggering $2.7 Billion by 2017. Despite the impressive statistics, however nearly as many food trucks and food carts will close their serving windows for good this year as will open.


While the rest of the food service industry has seen less than impressive growth, and has actually suffered due to lower consumer spending, street food continues to build a momentum, propelling itself by leaps and bounds as new and exciting food options hit the streets at an alarming rate. Weakness in the economy and high unemployment rates have encouraged people with otherwise slim job prospects to embark on food service careers where they have more control over their lives and incomes. And, it's seemingly easy, especially at the peak of a local food truck frenzy where no company owns a dominant market share in the industry. Everyone is on a level playing field, and customers line up for blocks.

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MarketPlace News:

Your Biggest Art Marketing Mistake

by Carolyn Edlund

Has this happened to you?


You've met people who absolutely love your artwork. It might be at an exhibit or a fair, or perhaps at a social event when you share an image of your art on your smartphone. They rave about your art, showing lots of interest, and you tell them you will stay in touch. They hand you a business card, or write down their name, email and phone number.

But you never got back to them. The opportunity was lost.

You meant to do it, but either you weren't organized, or you didn't know what to say, or didn't have enough time. You end up with stacks of cards, and lists of people who want to see more of your work, but you haven't taken any action to follow up with all those interested people who could turn into customers.

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