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How to Get Your Food Truck Queues to Move Faster

by Richard Myrick, posted 07/30/21 16:12:40   category » Festival Food Vendors

At some point we all find ourselves standing in line. Never fun, but it feels better if it moves at a nice clip. The thing is, you can get the same effect by making the line appear to move quickly. Managing appearances means managing your customer’s perceptions. Here’s how:

Queue Management

  • Be sure to have a line, not a crowd, standing in front of your service window. An orderly progression towards the service window gives customers a sense of calm.
  • Keep your queues narrow. Single file lines move more quickly.
  • Arrange the line so those waiting can see the person currently being served. Watching another customer being served makes your place in line appear closer. When the actual service is out of site, your turn can seem miles away.
  • After each customer is served, use a light, bell or chime to announce to everyone 'Next!'. This keeps the next person alert (saving time between customers) and gives everyone a regular cue that the line really is moving.
  • When the wait is truly long, send a member of your staff to interact with customers in advance. They can answer questions, provide information and thank them for their patience. Choose staff with personality and make sure they all understand about why there is a delay.
  • Play music inside your truck that is loud enough to be heard outside. Make sure to find out at what levels your local codes permit music to be played.

Vehicle Modifications

  • Put a TV or video screen on the side of your food truck. Choose an appropriate channel for your customer base. This is a great way to toss them some advertising of an upcoming food truck event your team will be attending.
  • Cooking demonstration videos are a great distraction for a hungry crowd.
  • Have menus on display beside the line, so people will be ready to order when they arrive at your service window.
  • Provide information alongside the line to attract the attention of those who are waiting. When customers become involved, time flies faster.
  • Give customers a reason to use their mobile phone. Waiting in your line is the perfect time to check a quiz or competition you are holding on your website, or download your mobile app. Or check in to your page on Facebook, Foursquare or post a quick photo or video on Instagram.

The Bottom Line

There are so many ways to manage your customers while they wait to be served. Choose one or more of these suggestions and try them out. See your queues run smoother! Enjoy those smiling customers!

By Richard Myrick for Mobile Cuisine


Playing Live: What To Do With The Little Voices In Your Head

by Tom Hess, posted 07/15/21 13:53:19   category » Musician Tips
Playing Live: What To Do With The Little Voices In Your Head

Whether you play for tens of thousands of people every night as part of a world tour, or 20 people at a backyard barbeque, most of the mental anxieties musicians experience while playing live are the same. In almost every case the negative little voice in your head is centered around fear (fear of rejection, self doubt, etc.). We all have experienced some level of fear or nervousness when playing live at some time or another. You may have felt a fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of what the audience will think of you, your music or your band. Have you ever asked yourself questions like:


  • "What if I make mistakes?"
  • "Am I even good enough to be playing on a stage?"
  • "What if the crowd doesn't like the band, the music, or me?"
  • "Is this show going to be a disaster?"

Here are some things to think about before your next gig (they definitely work if you use them, especially if you put them all together in your thoughts).

Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to perform at a very high level. The time to experience pressure is while practicing at home or in rehearsals with your band. The gig is not the time to be putting additional stress/pressure on yourself. Yes you need to concentrate on what you are doing, but have fun. If you won't allow yourself to have fun during a live concert, when will you allow yourself to ever actually enjoy music?

As a professional musician, the pressure to consistently perform on a world class level is higher on me now than ever before. I perform better by focusing on having fun and living my dream than worrying about making a mistake. I look at it this way, if I play 30,000 notes a night and I play 3 notes imperfectly, that means I have played 99.99% of all notes correctly. It would be pointless for me to concern myself about the 0.01% of mistakes while on the stage. If I need to practice something later to make sure I don't make the same errors in the next concert, then I will deal with that tomorrow while practicing, not on stage.

You probably play at least a few thousand notes a gig too (maybe a lot more). Of course most of us strive for perfection, but don't beat yourself up over a few mistakes. Be happy and give yourself the credit you deserve for playing 97%, 98%, 99%, or 99.999999% of the notes correctly. Don't let your desire to be perfect cripple you when the reality is that none of us can ever be perfect all of the time. If you were taking an exam at a major university and you answered 99% of the questions correctly you would feel pretty good about yourself right?! Congratulations, you just earned the grade of an "A"! Be happy with that while you are on the stage. You can go back home and practice the other 1% later.

Remember this, when you are on stage performing (for 20 people or 20,000) everyone in the audience envies you. Almost everyone there wishes they could be the one up on the stage with all of the talent that you have. Even if they don't like your music, they at least envy your position up there on the stage. So the next time you are on stage and feel nervous, remind yourself that the people in the crowd are "in the crowd", only you (and your fellow musicians) are the ones "on the stage"... living the dream at that moment. Think back to when you began playing guitar. Remember thinking how cool it must be to be up on a stage playing in front of people who have come to see and hear you? Remember how much you desired that when you began. When you walk out on the stage, remind yourself how far you have come as a player. You are now able to do something you always wanted to be doing. The size of the concerts you play are not important really. What IS important is what you have already achieved. You are performing with a band on stage, most people only dream about that, but now you will have actually done it! Feel good about that, don't ruin the excitement and pleasure of that experience by fear of making a mistake or two.

In the end, it's all about the music. It's not about you or me really. As musicians we are the real instruments from which music flows. The instruments we play are merely extensions of our beings. When you play for others, you are a "giver". When was the last time you ever felt nervous or afraid of doing something nice for someone else? If you hold the door open for a little old lady do you feel nervous or afraid? When you donate money to a charity, do you experience fear or self doubt about that? When you give your time to someone who needs help, do you feel nervous about that? Playing music should be no different. Don't think of yourself as an Olympic competitor that must perform perfectly to win a gold medal. Don't think you have disappointed the entire human race if you make a mistake or if the crowd doesn't like your concert. If you think of your performance as "giving to others".. you won't feel nervous or afraid, stage fright will melt away. When you perform, you add value to people's experience when they hear you. Some may like it and some may not, it's their choice or preference and even if you play perfectly, not everyone will love what you are doing. That comes with the territory. But you will have given of yourself either way. You came to share what you do with the audience. Feel good about that because when you feel good, the chances of making mistakes in a performance diminish.

If you don't get anything else out of this article, at least remember this: The best antidote for stage fright is to change the mindset from "impressing others" to "giving to others."

Article from FN Archives:   Tom Hess
Image Courtesy:   @alinnnaaaa

5 Tips for Promoting Your Visual Arts and Crafts Booth on Social Media

by Ray Ko, posted 07/02/21 14:33:22   category » Business Marketing
5 Tips for Promoting Your Visual Arts and Crafts Booth on Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to get the word out about your craft business. Social media can also help to alert long-time followers and new prospects about your attendance at a festival or event. If you’re a craft business owner who has set up a craft or visual arts booth at an event, social media can help drive traffic to your booth so you can meet new potential customers and increase brand awareness. If you’d like to promote your visual arts and crafts booth on social media, here are five tips to help.


Tip #1: Use all your channels

There’s a lot of debate about which social media channels are better for promoting a business. If you’re already on certain channels, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, use all of them. It’s not a bad idea to stay consistent, too, and use as many of the same images and text on all the channels, if possible.


If you’re new to the social media game, Facebook is a great place to start. With about 2 billion monthly users, a few simple posts leading up to the event with photos and quick descriptions about what you will be offering at your booth is a great way to get the word out. Just know that your event is really only a starting point. You’ll want to keep posting and focus on building your audience; you can also learn about paid advertising options as you build followers.


Tip #2: Use photos of crafts and art, not just the whole booth

Some people just take a photo of their booth, which is OK if you have good signage and vibrant colors. But your customers and prospects really want to know what’s INSIDE your booth. Use a collage of several of your most popular craft items or art pieces. If you have a popular guest, use a photo of them. If you’re going to be teaching a workshop, show the process in action. And don’t forget to make sure your crafts or art pieces stand out. Display them on acrylic risers or pedestals like these or something else and make sure you have plenty of natural light and no shadows in the photos.


Tip #3: Use simple, clear descriptions

Less is more when it comes to text. Let the visuals carry the post. Make sure your headlines, subheads and first sentence, tell us exactly who you are and what you’re doing at the festival. Product mentions, workshops and other descriptions should be short. Use bullets if you can. And don’t forget to insert contact information at the end of the post. There are those who may not be able to get to the event, but if they like what they see and read, you want to give them the opportunity to connect with you.

Tip #4: Don’t forget during- and post-event posts

Don’t let the festival or event experience pass you by without documenting some of it and sharing it on social media. Make sure to post during the event. You could share, with permission, photos of happy new customers or workshop participants. If you actually demonstrate a craft, show photos of people getting their hands dirty, learning and having fun engaging with your craft at your booth. When it’s all done, create a summary collage and let the world know how much fun the event was with post-event posts.


Tip#5: Stick with it

Social media is an ongoing effort. Some posts may generate a lot of interest, but others may not. You need to post regularly in order to build your following and increase brand awareness. Hopefully, promoting your booth resulted in adding some new contacts or customers. But if it didn’t give you as good of results as you hoped for, don’t slow down your social media strategy.


Keep posting and start researching different tactics and platforms to get your name out. If you think a paid strategy might work for you, take the time to read into how you can set your budget and target your specific audience.


And you’ll also want to research other craft businesses to see how they’re succeeding with their social media strategies. And while you continue to build your business, make sure you offer great customer service to the loyal and new customers that come your way. Sometimes, all it takes is a few brand loyalists to spread the word on social media about your greatness and you may see more traffic and business than you ever imagined.


Happy posting!

Ray Ko has been creating effective visual merchandising and interior design strategies for retailers for more than 20 years. Today, he is the senior ecommerce manager for shopPOPdisplays, a leading designer and manufacturer of stock and custom acrylic product. 

First Sponsored Classified! Reseller needed in the South East

by FestivalNet, posted 06/29/21 10:10:47   category » Classifieds
FestivalNet All Member News

Vendor Wanted!

Home Fields, maker of 165 different 3-D replica sporting event stadiums, is seeking experienced sales person to do highly lucrative Junior League Christmas gift shows, primarily in the Southeast.

Labor Day through second week in December. You need not be the artist at these shows. Lofty commission.

Call FestivalNet Pro Member Ken Small
at (404) 664-4411 if you are interested!

View Ken's FestivalNet Profile

Thanks for your time! And thank you for being a part of!

Spotlight on Juneteenth: The Freedom Day

by FestivalNet, posted 06/18/21 09:32:55   category » Event Highlights
Spotlight on Juneteenth: The Freedom Day
Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. President Biden recently signed it into law to honor the day as a national holiday; which many states already recognize as such.

"Today Juneteenth commemorates African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement. It is a day, a week, and in some areas a month marked with celebrations, guest speakers, picnics and family gatherings. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement and for planning the future. Its growing popularity signifies a level of maturity and dignity in America long over due. In cities across the country, people of all races, nationalities and religions are joining hands to truthfully acknowledge a period in our history that shaped and continues to influence our society today." -

Have a look at some Juneteenth events taking place this weekend & Happy Juneteenth!


Juneteenth Commemoration events will be held throughout the month of June both in person and virtually in Ogden and Salt Lake City. We will hold some of our signature programs including the Mr. & Miss Juneteenth scholarship pageant, Flag Raising Ceremony, Film & Discussion, and State of Black Utah Town Hall. Our Black Business Expo will be June 26th. Attached, please find the announcement and application. Check our website for more details.

Juneteenth Heritage Festival Lousiana

The freedom day in Grambling Louisiana, known as the Juneteenth Heritage Festival brings an educational venue for enlightenment, as well as multiple events for fun, exercise, and mouth‑watering dishes. The City of Grambling partners with the Louisiana Tech Offices of Inclusion Initiatives and Multicultural Affairs, Grambling Health Community and the LSUAG Center, Primary Health Services Center, and the Louisiana Office of Wildlife and Fisheries to bring events such as Freedom Painters, Family Fun Day, Candlelight Vigil Service, and the Fishing Tournament amongst more!

WEstern Pennsylvania Juneteenth & Black Music Fest

This event is the annual WPA celebration of Juneteenth and Black Music Month Festival. In 2021 Pittsburgh and Allegheny county has designed Juneteenth a City and County holiday. Includes: Juneteenth Family Cookout; Black Tie Gala; Gospel Explosion; Jubilee Parade; Martin Delany Freedom Day & Black Music Festival and more!

NC Juneteenth Celebration 

Great family, multi‑ethnic event. Festival kicks off with Opening Ceremony includes pouring of the libation & presentations on origin & significance of Juneteenth. Entertainment throughout the day features local performers & national recording artists. Vendors sell merchandise, art, specialty items, crafts & delicious foods. Kid's Village has games, face painting, crafts & other fun, educational activities. Health Fair has screenings.

Utah Juneteenth Celebration
Learn More:

📢 FN Membership Changes Now Live!

by FestivalNet, posted 06/14/21 15:32:30   category » FestivalNet News & Promotions
New Pro Membership Options Now Available!
Hi FestivalNet member,

We have some great news! FestivalNet is now more affordable than ever. Events are thankfully making a comeback this year and we want you to be able to take advantage of everything that FestivalNet has to offer.

Right now you have a free account and that will not change unless you upgrade.

Our Updated Pricing for Pro Membership:

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We sincerely appreciate you being apart of, serving the festival industry since 1996!

The FestivalNet Staff

The Essence Of Food Truck Brand Marketing

by Richard Myrick, posted 06/07/21 13:17:55   category » Festival Food Vendors

Branding doesn't create, build or strengthen your brand. You read that correctly. First and foremost, your food business brand marketing must always be a reflection of the quality of your menu and service. There are really no exceptions to this rule.

Food Truck Brand Marketing

To understand why, it's first necessary to define what is part of a food truck's "brand." Most people think a brand consists of exterior elements: the truck's name, it's logo and the tagline. To get a general understanding of a brand, think about it in the simplest terms.

Take yourself as an example, are you just a combination of skin, clothes, and what you say? The essence of food truck brand marketing is not your truck's exterior elements, but how your customers feel about your menu items and service.

The purpose of the brand elements is not to create those feelings, but to remind customers of them. If their feelings about your truck are negative, those brand elements simply remind them of how much they dislike the end product being sold from your service window.

The only way to build a strong brand is to create and sell food that delights your customers. If you fail at this basic step, brand marketing will become a huge waste of money. Not only that, but it will become counterproductive to your food truck business. Why? Every time someone sees your truck they will be reminded how they disliked the meal or service they last received.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, if you want to build a strong food truck brand marketing strategy, put your time and money into creating and selling the best menu items as possible. Once you have invested in this area use additional brand marketing to help spread the word.

archive article:
image courtesy: @eugenechystiakov

How to Make Your Event More Interactive

by Stephanie Brenner, posted 06/02/21 10:47:47   category » Event Highlights
How to Make Your Event More Interactive
You need a team to organize an event. You can't do everything by yourself. So I don't need to tell you further, how important a team is for your event. Event mismanagement is mostly about team mismanagement. Anyone who hosts an event wants it to really stand out in the participants' minds. The best way for it to be memorable is by designing interactivity into your event. If you can get your attendees involved, they will have a more powerful experience. As a result, they will be more likely to attend your events in the future and recommend their friends or colleagues attend your next event.

There are many ways for your event to be interactive even before the event begins. You can start the engagement by generating buzz pre-event using an event app, creating online networking communities, and designating a hashtag for participants that can be used across all social media platforms.

Creating and distributing conference surveys or conference polls before the event will allow you to gauge the knowledge and interest of your audience. You can also use the poll and survey results to create intentional learning opportunities when conducting live question and answer portions.

Ask the event venue if there are some unique ways of tackling the question and answer portion of the live event (stage, spotlight, using auction paddles, etc.) If you use an event app, you can use automated audience response systems for real-time results. You can use this information to springboard into lively discussions.

During the event, try having areas set up so that you can provide hands-on activities for attendees to try products for themselves or areas where structured demonstrations can be held. If you have engaged event sponsors, give them an opportunity to provide interactive elements as well. Getting the participants involved by testing products or seeing products in action can be beneficial for increased engagement as well as improved sales and brand image.

Even if your event setup doesn't allow for interaction during the keynote or presentation, you can always bring elements of interactivity to the event networking portions. Think about ways to get the participants involved with the brand and each other that will move them towards realizing the goals or objectives of the event. Something as simple as having a designated networking area with bar stools and tables (and clearly separated from the buffet!) can encourage attendee engagement significantly.

Finding the right event techniques for your event doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Getting the attendees involved can be as easy as creating an online networking community or as complex as challenging the participants to compete in an obstacle course.

The whole idea of creating a more interactive event is to make the participants feel involved, energized and excited about attending your event.

archive article courtesy: Stephanie Brenner of Bizzabo
image courtesy:

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