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Thyra Rutter
Right off of the top I can tell you that Arte for Elephants could not do what we do without Festivalnet. I use it to book everything, EVERYTHING! I had a second service for a back up, but the search feature was clunky, and they didn't have the filtering AND they only had half of the listings... so adios! Now it's Festivalnet 100%.
Thyra Rutter - Arte For Elephants of Austin, Texas
Without FN, I would still be wondering where the shows are, it's great to be a part of this, I have made my money back a thousand times over.
Paul Sickels, Pro Member
Having used FestivalNet for 10+ years, it saves me the stress of looking for venues, gives information enabling me to make "intelligent" decisions on which festivals to attend, helps me keep track of where I'm going and where I want to go, the reviews are a huge help & I have event contacts at my finger tips. I have NEVER had any problems getting a response back from this company & I would NEVER think of changing. FestivalNet has proven to me they are one of the very few reputable companies left out there.
Carol Harbin, Pro Member

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Spice up your Craft Show Booth
- April 9, 2024
Craft fairs are a great place to showcase an incredible amount of your fine crafts. Once you get people into your craft show booth, whether you make a sale or not will depend largely on the experience you offer your customer. By setting a vibe, activating senses, or offering helpful displays, you can motivate and move a shopper towards making a purchase. If this is a new to you, visit art and craft festivals and observe sellers, their booths, and the shopper-flow and traffic. Be curious about…
Fest Food Businesses: Creating Logo Designs Which Aren’t Boring
- April 1, 2024
There are various tools and options available which make the process of creating your logo easier and more affordable than ever. Now you can get a stunning logo which you can be proud of, without breaking the bank. It’s not unheard of for a marketing agency to charge up to $25,000 for a logo design. But, it’s possible to get something which meets your needs as a small business owner, for much less. Let's begin with  a few basic elements of logo design: The Food: Most food businesses have…
Adapting Your Inventory and Marketing for Different Seasons
- March 21, 2024
In the ever-changing retail and e-commerce landscape, adapting your inventory and marketing for different seasons is essential for staying ahead, even at festivals and craft shows! Each season brings its unique set of demands. So, you need to understand how to adjust your inventory levels and marketing strategies accordingly, as it can significantly impact your bottom line. This guide provides practical tips and insights on optimizing your approach throughout the year, ensuring that you’re…
Cool Things To Do At The Best Film Festivals In The World
- March 15, 2024
Film festivals are among some of the most popular events in the world as they showcase the best movies from narrative, avant-garde, and documentary filmmakers. It's also where you can watch stellar performances from seasoned actors and newcomers in the global movie industry. Though some may view these events as mere opportunities to get a glimpse of famous stars posing on the red carpet, film fests are actually crucial to the industry as they serve as platforms for learning and networking.…

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