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Thyra Rutter
Right off of the top I can tell you that Arte for Elephants could not do what we do without Festivalnet. I use it to book everything, EVERYTHING! I had a second service for a back up, but the search feature was clunky, and they didn't have the filtering AND they only had half of the listings... so adios! Now it's Festivalnet 100%.
Thyra Rutter - Arte For Elephants of Austin, Texas
Without FN, I would still be wondering where the shows are, it's great to be a part of this, I have made my money back a thousand times over.
Paul Sickels, Pro Member
Having used FestivalNet for 10+ years, it saves me the stress of looking for venues, gives information enabling me to make "intelligent" decisions on which festivals to attend, helps me keep track of where I'm going and where I want to go, the reviews are a huge help & I have event contacts at my finger tips. I have NEVER had any problems getting a response back from this company & I would NEVER think of changing. FestivalNet has proven to me they are one of the very few reputable companies left out there.
Carol Harbin, Pro Member

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How to Stand Out as an Artist at an Art Fair

- March 27, 2023
Although you might believe that your art speaks for itself, the first thing that visitors and potential art buyers will notice about you at an art show is your booth. And with so many competitive artists around, becoming noticeable can be challenging. Yet, there are a few tested strategies for adequately organizing your booth, such as eye-catching layouts, striking wall writing, and ensuring you and your space are accessible to visitors. Fortunately, we know all of them and are happy to share…

Five Ways to Build Your Staff Management Skills for a More Profitable Food Concession Business

- March 17, 2023
Many food concessionaires feel that hiring and managing good help is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of managing a food concession business. It is also one of the most important. Working in a food concession is not rocket science. Yet, as a manager, hiring the right people with the right qualities to help your business run smoothly and profitably is often harder than you'd expect. Fortunately, with the right policies you can improve your staff for a more profitable food…

Making the Most of Your Fair's Marketing

- March 8, 2023
We all talk about Public Relations and marketing like it is a mysterious force somewhere out there that, if harnessed, is the magic that delivers large happy crowds to our annual Fair. It's not that enigmatic. The truth is closer than most of us know. We spend thousands of dollars on marketing, public relations, advertising, branding and imaging to help us deliver our message with outside organizations each year. Has it occurred that we may have neglected a major source of positive public…

Festival Food Businesses: Wow Them With Your Signage

- March 1, 2023
Hands down, one of my favorite times of the day is after the booth is closed when I trot off to the camper, crack open my favorite snack (chocolate), and get down to counting the money. That is, unless sales were poor. Then, I can't wait to finish the day so I can slink away to scrub the big capital "L" off my forehead in private. There are hundreds of principles and variations of principles that influence the success of a food booth at any given event. Many are controlled by the coordinator,…

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