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Thyra Rutter
Right off of the top I can tell you that Arte for Elephants could not do what we do without Festivalnet. I use it to book everything, EVERYTHING! I had a second service for a back up, but the search feature was clunky, and they didn't have the filtering AND they only had half of the listings... so adios! Now it's Festivalnet 100%.
Thyra Rutter - Arte For Elephants of Austin, Texas
Without FN, I would still be wondering where the shows are, it's great to be a part of this, I have made my money back a thousand times over.
Paul Sickels, Pro Member
Having used FestivalNet for 10+ years, it saves me the stress of looking for venues, gives information enabling me to make "intelligent" decisions on which festivals to attend, helps me keep track of where I'm going and where I want to go, the reviews are a huge help & I have event contacts at my finger tips. I have NEVER had any problems getting a response back from this company & I would NEVER think of changing. FestivalNet has proven to me they are one of the very few reputable companies left out there.
Carol Harbin, Pro Member

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5 Social Media Strategies to Jazz Up Your Music Event

- September 27, 2021
If you’re planning a music festival, you probably have a lot on your plate already. From booking the venue to approaching the right performers, you need to make sure everything goes perfectly. But unfortunately, none of this is enough to make your event a success unless you have the key component.An effective promotion strategy.The way you market your event is integral in determining whether your festival will be a hit. To sell tickets, you need to create enough hype to get your audience…

Food Vendors: Pay Yourself First

- September 16, 2021
As a food vendor, you may assume you should put everything you make back into the business. Not so. The first thing you should do with your money is pay yourself, first. Many food business owners who bootstrapped their companies feel that paying themselves is a luxury; however, we feel (and will show you why) that it is a necessity to pay yourself first for the success of your food business.image by nikko osaka Why You Deserve a Salary If you’ve got a nice cushion of savings, you may not need…

Member Tip: Try the "event duration" feature!

- September 10, 2021
People often ask me for any tips and tricks when using the member's event search AKA "Pro Search." One awesome tool to put to use is the "event duration" menu, located in the "Include" box.  Have you noticed when you search by "state" and "month", the first page or so of your search results are events that are "on-going" like markets and other monthly artisan shows that might take place all year or part of the year?  They just happen to fall also in the month you are searching on, so that is…

Ten Steps to Successful Custom Work

- September 2, 2021
Custom work can be rewarding and exciting, but it takes time and good communication skills. If you like talking to clients, are interested in others' ideas, don't mind sticking to deadlines, and are good at follow-up, custom work can be rewarding-financially and artistically. Here are some steps that will help both you and your client to enjoy the experience.1. Decide whether or not you want to do custom work before the client asks. A client who hears "I'm not sure," or "I guess so," is not…

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