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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .
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A side by side comparison of each FestivalNet Membership Level.

Basic Member
Pro Level 1
$49/yr. Order Now
Pro Level 2
$59/yr. Order Now
Pro Level 3
$89/yr. Order Now
? Members's Show Search  V V V V
Email Newsletters  V V V V
Deadlines Reminder  V V V V
Add & View Show Ratings **  V V V V
Create Your Own Web Page 
w/ Blog, 7 Images, Calendar, Gallery 
Extensive Event Details  V V V V
Plus a 5 item Online store  V V V V
View Complete Event Details 
View Full Rating Details 
Free hot link in Festival Biz  Directory ($35 value) 
Includes a 10 Item Online Store 
Add Music/Video to Your Profile *
Add More Images *
15 images 30 images 60 images
Upload Show Apps and/or Flyers *
Add website link in your Profile
Easily update your MyCalendar 
One Click Connect to Get Booked 
Hotel Discounts & other Bonuses 
MyList - Your custom events list 

Show Notes - Add notes on shows 

My Notepad - Add General Notes 

Set Reminders & Appointments when Booking Shows 

Map your Search Results 

Map your MyList 

Track Your Show Apps & Bookings 

Custom Sublists in MyList 

Export your MyList 

? 60 total Images 


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  • Member's Show Search:
    Select from many different search options to tailor your search, save your personal search options & hide events you're not interested in. Basic Members use the exact same show search as Level 1-3, but full contact details are not included.
  • Email Newsletters:
    Choose from 3 different e-lists with monthly tips & ideas on working in the festival business.
  • Deadlines Reminder:
    Subscribe to our bi-monthly Show Deadlines Reminder. Don't miss important up coming deadlines!
  • Add & View Show Ratings:
    Add ratings on shows you have attended and view current rating numbers.
    (to view rating details requires Level 1-3)
  • Create a 5 Item Online store:
    Basic members get a 5 item Online store. Pay no up front fees or monthly fees, you only pay 10% on sales you make. Expose your products to FN's 1,300,000+ monthly visitors!
  • Create Your Own Web Page:
    Create your own site with profile, blog, photo gallery, calendar and friends list. Expose your business to FN's 1,300,000+ visitors per month!
  • Extensive Event Details:
    View Event Dates & Times, Location, Inside or Out, Attendance, Promoter, Show Director Name, Number of booths, All Deadlines, Juried, Booths allowed, Entertainment genres, Number of stages, Fees to apply, Other activities, Event description, Admission and more. View Sample Event.
  • View Rating Details:
    Open each show rating to see user comments, individual ratings and what type member has rated that event.
  • View Complete Event Details:
    View complete details & full Contact Emails, Phones, Address, Website, How to Apply, Insurance info, Booth fees, Performers Pay and Percentage of Handmade Vendors. View Sample Event.
  • Create a 10 Item Online Store:
    Pro members get a 10 item online store. Pay no additional up front fees or monthly fees, pay only 5% on sales you make. Expose your products to FN's 1,300,000+ monthly visitors!
  • Add Music/Video on Your Profile:
    Add Music & Videos: Upload songs and videos to your profile, create a complete EPK with music, video, bio, photos & calendar to present your talent, products or service to prospective buyers! *Disk limits apply.
  • Add more photos:
    Create an online portfolio! With Level 1-3 you can add more images to your profile, gallery, blog, calendar, or your events.
    15 images are allowed @ Level 1, 30 @ Level 2, & 60 @ Level 3!
    (Profile image does not count towards these. Image count is based on usage, even if it's the same image in multiple places of your profile.)
    *Disk limits apply.
  • Upload Show Apps and/or Flyers:
    Festivals and promoters can add their show applications to their profile for easy access by exhibitors! Other Pro Members can add flyers or product information documents. Allowed file types are DOC and PDF.
    *Disk limits apply. If you have many shows, Level 3 gives you the most bandwidth for more uploads.
  • Add website link in your Profile
    List and link your website in your community profile. Allowed for all Pro Member levels (not available to Basic Members). Great for traffic & SEO!
  • Easily update your MyCalendar:
    With one click easily add festivals and shows in the FN database that you will be attending to your personal calendar.
  • Free hot link in Festival Biz Directory ($35 value):
    All Pro Members (Level 1, 2, & 3) get a free hot link in the Festival Business Directory, a $35 value. Great Exposure to 1,300,000+ visitors per month!
  • One Click Connect to Get Booked:
    One Click Connect: Use our 'One Click Connect' system to Contact, Apply, Organize and Get Booked!
  • Create your own event list - MyList:
    MyList allows you to organize events you find of interest into your own private list. When you return to do additional searches, you can view and edit your list.
  • Show Notes, add personal notes to individual Shows:
    Show Notes allows you to add Personal Notes to individual Shows. Click the "Show Notes" link on any show you want to add notes.
  • My Notepad, add & edit General & Show Notes:
    Create individual notes related to anything you want and add titles to each note! General notes are not tied to specific events. Click "My Notepad" in "My Account" to manage your general notes and all your event notes!
  • Set Reminders/Appointments in your Google or Yahoo Calender:
    This Level 2 & 3 feature allows you to easily set appointments and reminders in your personal Google or Yahoo Calender. Keeps you on top of each next step in the booking process for all events you are working on.
    Simply click the "Reminders" link at the bottom of each event in Pro Search.
  • Map your Search Results:
    With one click, view the results of each search on a map to quickly see where each event is located, generate driving directions, check distances and add notes on each event. (requires Level 2-3)
  • Create a Full Blown 60 Photo Portfolio:
    With Level 3 you are allowed 60 photos in your gallery. Present a complete online portfolio of your work!
  • Map your MyList:
    Absolutely the best way to manage your "My List". With one click Map your list or sub lists, see exactly where your events are, generate driving directions, check distances and add notes on each event! (requires L-3)
  • Get Organized, Track Your Show Apps & Bookings:
    This Level 3 feature will help you stay organized! Group events by Applied, Confirmed/​Money Sent, Event Full, Accepted, Needs Follow-up & Denied. Click any default sub list to quickly know where you stand with each event. (requires L-3)
  • Custom Sublists in MyList:
    For added organization, Build Custom Sub Lists from the shows in your MyList. Organize your events by location, type, size, or any other way you choose. (requires L-3)
  • Export your MyList:
    The Level 3 export allows you to save the basic contact info from "My List" to a comma-separated values (csv) file that you can import into a spreadsheet, contact manager or database. Generate mailing labels, run a mail merge or send a group email! Export up to 1,000 events per year! Fields included: Show Dates, Deadlines, Main Email, Promoter Name, Show Name, Attendance, Promoter Mailing Address, Show Director Name, Main Phone, Show Location City & State, and choice of two additional event contacts.
    File Example.
  • Hotel Discounts & other Bonuses:
    All Level 1-3 Pro Members get a 10% discount at all Motel 6 properties nationwide. Learn more.
  • * Disk limits:
    All Pro Member accounts have disk space limits. Level 1 - 25 MiB, Level 2 - 50 MiB, Level 3 - 75 MiB. ?
  • ** Add & View Show Ratings:
    All members can add ratings on shows they have attended and view show rating numbers (but not rating details). To view rating details requires Level 1-3.
  • Note:  The Basic Member show search is exactly the same as Level 1, 2 & 3, but show contact details are not included. With Pro Member access (level 1, 2 or 3) full show contact details and rating details are included.

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