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How to Make More Sales

posted May 15, 2019

Art Fair Show Tips: How to Make More Sales
Carolyn Edlund for Artsy Shark

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Make a personal appearance and be accessible.

It’s amazing how many times exhibitors are simply not in their booths during festival hours. At times this may be unavoidable, but often artists have a level of discomfort and stress that finds them socializing elsewhere, or they subconsciously avoid dealing with the public.

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It can be stressful to work a show, promoting your art or handmade work and trying to close sales – no doubt about that. But you cannot sell anything if you aren’t physically present to do so. If you’ve shied away from this before or feel anxiety about exhibiting, resolve to be present in your booth as much as possible to develop a comfort level.

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by heidi3, posted May 18, 2019

Curious about having customer to hold jewelry. I have tried that and people think I am too pushy. Now I explain my jewelry.
by fnoadmin, posted May 16, 2019

Hi John,
The Artsy Shark website is a great resource and where the article was originally published. You can get there by clicking the link under the title.
Hope that helps!
by jwryan722, posted May 16, 2019

GREAT article!!!!! Can you PLEASE send me more sales tips???? The quality is there but sales are not. ALOT of great comments but people aren't buying like I feel they should be. My wife is A VERY talented artist. Any help is appreciated.
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