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Know Your Audience

posted September 19, 2018   category » Festival Food Vendors

Food Concession Menus - Know Your Market
Barb Fitzgerald of


In the food concession business, when it comes to menus, it can be a challenge to identify and pin down your market. Because your market is, literally, a moving target.

In one day your customers might be attendees of a farmers market in the morning, and Harley Davidson riders, enjoying a swap meet, in the afternoon. The following weekend you might have your concession at an art and wine show. Then, two days later, you find yourself setting up at a five day county fair.

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I don't know any menu that can maximize sales at every event. Cotton candy is for kids, and fajitas are preferred by adults. Event goers admiring art while tasting wine are not likely to buy a corn dog. But, they might buy chocolate dipped strawberries or oysters. The reverse is true for people attending a motocross race.

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by royal4me2, posted September 19, 2018

Thank you! We are new to the business and any information is welcomed. We have looked into some of the larger events and although we are able and willing our machines cannot keep up if there are too many customers. Looking forward to more articles, as most seasoned vendors are reluctant to share information.
Yummy Yummy LLC
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