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Making Sales in a Changing World

By Carolyn Edlund, posted 11/23/20 14:26:09   Category » covid-19

by Carolyn Edlund for Artsy Shark

Our industry has changed forever, and there is no going back to the old ways of doing business. Even traditional selling models will have to develop virtual components—or fail. Luckily, creative thinking is squarely in the wheelhouse of every artist and crafter. Are you using any of the following strategies?

Polish Your Artist Website

Your art website is the best place to showcase what you do, since you control content and presentation. Design it to display your art beautifully with stunning images and plenty of them. If your website isn’t ready for prime time, your sales will suffer. Does your About page share a compelling story? Do you provide information for shoppers about your art and how to purchase it, including terms and policies? Do you have prices listed and a shopping cart? If your answer to any of those questions is no, it is likely there is “friction” on your site that is preventing sales rather than encouraging them.

Image: ArtsyShark

Get Comfortable with Video

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can make videos. Present a collection of your work and tell your story authentically to reach your audience most effectively. Online tools like Lumen 5 are useful for this purpose.

Then, place your video content in multiple places, such as your website and social media profiles. YouTube is a massive platform filled with videos of all types—and as the second-biggest search engine in the world, it’s an excellent place to start. Many artists who teach have switched over from live workshops to video lessons on YouTube with very positive results. Videos are perfect vehicles for Instagram Stories and are also the format for Facebook Live. Sales can literally be made directly on these platforms.

If you’re camera shy, or fear that you don’t take a good photo, it could be slowing you down. Resolve to get past that hesitation. Start now by making a video about yourself and your work, then share and gauge the results. It gets easier over time, and you will most likely be glad you took the first step.

Consider Online Sales Venues

Want to place your art in an online gallery or marketplace? Interested in virtual auctions? Curious about print-on-demand? Intrigued by licensing opportunities? Looking for a gig? Expand your mind and your earning opportunities by visiting our directory of 250+ Places to Sell Art Online which is filled with options for artists who want to take advantage of online sales channels. Many of them can help you leverage your artwork and drive income.

Keep Galleries and Events on Your Radar

Galleries may have closed, but they are finding alternative ways to reopen. Fairs have been postponed, but promoters are working intently to find ways to bring visitors into physical venues safely to browse and shop. Additionally, they are making the commitment to present events virtually and plan to do so into the future. Online event platforms are springing up to serve this need.

At this point, promoters are finding that the number of artists applying to virtual shows is lagging; they are typically getting about 50% of their usual pool of applicants. This presents a huge opportunity for artists who want to get into top fairs and festivals where space may now be available for new blood. Meanwhile, artists who lack a comfort level with this model may fall behind.

Commit to New Ways of Doing Business

As the world adjusts to a “new normal” we won’t revert to pre-COVID ways of doing business. Like many other industries, the art world is in transition, and artists can benefit from this. New hybrid ways of earning have developed that take advantage of both in-person and online venues. This will have a stabilizing effect, diversifying income and adding streams of income to help artists survive and thrive.


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