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Spice up your Craft Show Booth

posted April 9, 2024   category » Craft Fair Vendor Resources
Spice up your Craft Show Booth

Craft fairs are a great place to showcase an incredible amount of your fine crafts. Once you get people into your craft show booth, whether you make a sale or not will depend largely on the experience you offer your customer. By setting a vibe, activating senses, or offering helpful displays, you can motivate and move a shopper towards making a purchase. If this is a new to you, visit art and craft festivals and observe sellers, their booths, and the shopper-flow and traffic. Be curious about what booths seem to attract shoppers who might appear captivated and eager to buy.

While it's ideal to be very original and do your own thing, getting inspiration from others is a natural outcome of the human experience! While some items might appear to 'sell themselves', other booths might rely heavily on display, marketing, and good ideas to lure in shoppers.

Here are three easy ideas to improve your display to help attract more sales.

#1 Put your items to actual use!

If you are a potter, be sure to display your pots with a few beautiful plants or flowers in them to help people visualize how the planter will look at home. If you are selling stained glass, it would be brilliant to include lighting behind your hanging pieces to demonstrate how it will appear in a window. Because, when people can visualize clearly how something is meant to be used, they are usually more inclined to make the purchase. Help people 'see' your craft in their homes, and you increase the chance of a sale. If you are selling articles of clothing & jewelry, be sure to be wearing your items!

#2 Create a theme

If you have outdoor crafts that people can use, then why not turn your craft show booth into an outdoor wonderland? You can have patio furniture, a fountain, and maybe even some 'grass' in the booth. If you create a theme, and then display your products within the confines of the theme, you are not only going to attract more people, but you will make more sales, too.

#3 Use the customer's senses

The more you can appeal to all of the senses (touch, smell, see, hear), the more you are going to sell. If you have knitted sweaters, let them hold, smell, and see the goods. Let them try it on; give the customer a sensory experience, and they will be more inclined to make a purchase. You can do this with a variety of crafts that appeal to all of the senses.

If you sell a food product, offer samples. Taste is very personal and customers are leary to buy something they have no experience with.

Putting together a winning craft show booth takes a lot of thought... But the more thought you put into your craft show booth, the more sales you are going to make! Attention goes where energy flows! Make your booth an experience, and you will reap the benefits of better sales.

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