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Write Good Product Descriptions for Selling Online

posted 09/29/22 10:18:53   Category » Small Business Resources
Write Good Product Descriptions for Selling Online

As more and more people turn to buying products online instead of in stores, eCommerce sites are booming with business and companies selling products online have gained a definitive edge. In order for your products to sell well, however, you have to do more than simply offer them online. Regardless of your industry, clients will have a sea of choices to wade through when making their online purchases. Excellent product descriptions will make your company's products stand out. These five tips will show you how to write product descriptions that will bring about the client conversion you want and grow your products' popularity and credibility.

Create an original product description.   Using a recycled description of the product you are selling will not increase your rankings in search engines and will not increase your customer base. Create descriptions that are compelling, informative and unique. When writing the descriptions, pay close attention to the audience for which you are writing, the voice you are using and the structure of the piece.

Write with search engine optimization in mind.  Sales will increase if more clients are able to find your products. Write product descriptions that are at least 250 words in length. Identify frequently searched, relevant keywords associated with your products and incorporate them and variations of them. Be sure to include links to related products or categories within your product descriptions.

Keep your customer in mind.  When writing product descriptions, vary the content and make it easily accessible to potential customers. Tone down "word density" by using bullet points and subheadings. Make sure to include basic product information within the description, which could include product color, material and/or dimensions. Each product will have specific information you should make easily available to clients. It is also helpful to outline the benefits of using the product within the description.

Include (EXCELLENT) product images.  Customers who can see what they are about to buy are more likely to follow through with their purchases. Include images that are professional and high quality. Even more likely to improve sales is the integration of interactive product media around the description. Images and interactive media keep potential customers on your site longer and, in general, customers who stay longer are more likely to buy something you are selling or bookmark your site to return to later.

Include product reviews.   The inclusion of product reviews and ratings with a product description is a wonderful way to engage your client base, provide information about a product that might not be included in the original description and provide assurances to your potential customers about the quality of the products you are selling. Many customers will not buy from a site that does not include product reviews and ratings.

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