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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .

Free Deadlines Reminder Help


Help with Free Deadlines Reminder:

  • Why do some events have old dates?
    For your benefit, we include these events to maximize your chances of not missing the deadline on a great show. When it comes to deadlines, they are usually around the same time each year, so the old information is usually very useful. We do not publish deadlines that are more than a year old and there will always be only ONE listing for each event in our database (no duplicate events, each one gets updated or removed from year to year). FYI - We make an intensive effort to get event updates, but some sponsors simply don't respond to our many requests. (faq-104)
  • Do I need to join FN to see full contact details?
    The basic info is free, but full contact details require paid Pro Member access. This is the service we provide. We work very hard to collect, research, edit, and compile detailed information on thousands of events. We incure a lot of expense for phone, fax, mail, web server, staff... to provide this information, so we must charge for it.
  • How often is the Deadlines Reminder updated?
    This page is updated daily and a free bi-monthly reminder is sent to you by email (if you selected that in your E-lists settings).
  • If you have other questions, please send them to
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