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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .

Rating and Rebuttal Guidelines

Rating and Rebuttal Guidelines:

Please remember to rate all the great events you've attended in addition to those events that did not meet your needs. Our society tends to talk about negative things more than positive things and often pleasant experiences can go un-praised.

  • Provide accurate and complete comments which should include facts (not opinions) about your experience with the show or the promoter. Do not comment on the experience of others at the show.

  • Show attendees can rate individual shows only and not promoters. Only persons engaged in a business relationship with the Promoter (i.e. vendor/exhibitor/ service provider/etc.) will be allowed to rate promoters or speak to sales at the individual shows.

  • Be professional & respectful at all times - this is not a space for members or promoters to rant, call names or make personal attacks.

  • Be concise - your rating numbers will speak for themselves - avoid including long stories but rather sum up your specific experience with adjectives such as professional, unprofessional, courteous, successful, slow, average... etc.

  • Promoters are allowed the option to add one rebuttal per event or promoter rating. Only one response per rating will be allowed. FestivalNet will not be put in the middle of any disputes between members.

  • If you disagree with a poor rating, the best course of action is to respond calmly and responsibly. This demonstrates that you are willing to take corrective action and can improve your ratings in the future. It also allows you to publicly acknowledge/correct any inaccuracies that the member may have stated in his/her rating.

  • We reserve the right to remove any rating or rebuttal that includes profanity, obscenities, libelous statements, personal name calling, false claims or opinions rather than facts, or is intended to attack or bash/badmouth another member. We do not remove member ratings at the request of a promoter, unless it is proven that the rating goes against our rating guidelines.

  • The member profile associated with a rating must include a phone number and be verifiable. This is so we can contact the member if need be to verify that they are the person who added the rating. If the member profile associated with a rating (promoter or show rating) can not be verified, the rating will be removed.

  • Exhibitors that have been removed from a show by the promoter for any cause will not be allowed to post ratings on this site. Such ratings will be removed once we have confirmed removal with both parties or another third party.

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