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Tips to Prevent Theft While Exhibiting at Art and Craft Events


Here are a few ideas to help protect your business against fraud and theft while exhibiting at craft shows.

  • Keep your booth open during show hours.
  • Never leave your booth unattended during show hours.
  • Be sure to bring extra help to busy events.
  • Place small products near you and in as clear a view as possible.
  • Use a portable credit card terminal to approve transactions on the spot.
  • Check the identification of everyone who writes a check or uses a credit card.
  • Report any attempts of theft or fraud to show officials immediately.
  • Remove products or secure booth daily at the end of the show.
  • Insurance is available for your products and your booth. Rates will vary according to which company you choose.
  • If you are alone at a show and must leave your booth, ask a neighbor or show official to sit in for you.