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Broken Chords, Raymondville, TX

Member Since: May 12, 2024
Festival biz experience: 10+ years
Raymondville, Texas
The story of Broken Chords:
The long road to musical discovery and audio production has been full of tragedies and tribulations, mirroring his personal life.
The discovery of music was prophetically foretold when one day as an actor he went to meet a world renown psychic. By 2014 after decades of challenges he became one of the first sound engineers to be recognized and certified in Apple Logic Pro. The reason for this unforgivable journey to audio production is the inauthentic nature that stems from playing other people's music (Djing). His integrity to contribute to music could only be expressed by his original production of unpolluted music. Various aspects of electronic genres have accumulated to his unique yet precarious moments that it challenging to label exactly what style of music. His passionate desire to make music to represent suppressed ideologies, forgotten individuals, to bring attention to tragical historic events, and to be the voice of the unfortunate and voiceless in society. This is what drives him forward.
“I am a mere one broken chord syncopated in the symphony of never ending orchestrated harmony of sound. This is Broken Chords”. Welcome and thank you for joining me on this journey.
Artist, Musician, Performer
Medium/Materials - Products/Tags
digital music - Electronic music tracks
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