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Essence of Life & Home, Royersford, PA

Member Since: January 27, 2024
Festival biz experience: 6 months - 1 year
Royersford, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Essence of Life & Home, where the enchantment of well-being, joy, and serenity finds its voice. I'm Cheryl, and I'm excited to share the tale of our candles with you.

In a world filled with countless options for candles and more, we're grateful that you've chosen to explore our offerings and give us a chance. Essence of Life & Home was born from a tapestry of reasons, some serendipitous, all woven with the intention of harmonizing the warmth of candles with a health-conscious essence. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey… Essence of Life & Home

Discover Our Story

My name is Cheryl and I am the founder of Essence of Life & Home. As a single mom, life's thrown its share of challenges my way. What's always bugged me is the difficulty in finding a candle that truly fills your space with a fantastic scent while it's burning. That quest for the perfect candle drove me to create something special, a candle that brings peace and serenity to your home.

Products. Purpose. Passion.

At Essence of Life & Home, we're all about crafting natural soy wax candles and other goodies to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your space. Every item in our collection, be it our handcrafted candles or enchanting Himalayan Salt Lamps, has been handpicked to bring warmth and light to your life and home.

Our mission is crystal clear: we want the joy of a cozy, serene home to be within everyone's reach. We believe in spreading happiness and peace, making true contentment a reality for each and every person.


We're all about quality. From our waxes to fragrances, vessels, and wicks, we use the best. Our goal: top-notch products through unwavering raw material integrity.


Quality is our anchor, rooted in testing and precision. We've got a range of collections and variations to match diverse tastes and styles. 


At the core of our journey, you'll find a genuine passion for handcrafting candles, along with a host of other treasures. From the cozy ambiance of our candles to the relaxation of our bath bombs for spa days, and the soothing glow of our Himalayan salt lamps, we pour our hearts into every creation. Our mission is simple: to deliver a truly exceptional experience that brings warmth, light, and tranquility into your life and home.

Today, you have a golden opportunity to discover these perfect essentials that can transform your life and home. Join us on the journey towards a more blissful and harmonious existence as we warmly invite you to explore Essence of Life & Home. Get ready to bask in the radiant glow of our health-inspired, handcrafted treasures that will elevate your life and space like never before.

Your path to a serene sanctuary begins here. Discover the perfect essentials for your life and home today. 🕯️🏡

Cheryl from Essence of Life & Home  xoxo

Artist-Crafter, Craftsperson, Retailer
Medium/Materials - Products/Tags
Soy Wax/Apricot Coconut Wax - Candles/Bath Bombs
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