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RoseWolfe Enchantments, Kalamazoo, MI

Member Since: March 20, 2024
Festival biz experience: Less than 6 months
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Our story is one of both sorrow and resilience. Nearing the end of 2021, our family suffered an unimaginable loss. A couple of weeks before we would have been kicking off the holiday season, our mother, a healthy and vibrant woman of only 51, was abruptly taken from us only days after contracting Covid-19.

Experiencing the sudden and devastating loss of our mother left us in shock. Our lives had revolved around her, and without her, we found ourselves lost. The grief shattered our family, and created significant distance between us, leaving our lives fragmented and our souls broken.

Amid this profound loss, I found solace in a search for meaning and understanding. I had always felt a deep connection to the spiritual realm, but I lacked knowledge and direction, I delved deeper into exploring the nature of existence and the concept of universal balance. I discovered the beauty of recycling energy and the idea that we are all interconnected.

In late 2022 I found a great love who introduced a world of peace and art.

They introduced me to crafting with gemstones and the metaphysical properties of each.  Inspired by this newfound skill and driven by the desire to create, I began making jewelry therapeutically.

I felt a calling and responsibility to share my work with others. To offer healing and, ideally, help them find their own sense of peace.  Each gemstone creation is infused with intention: to uplift and support those who wear them, allowing the energy of the gemstones to nourish and help guide them along their own personal journey.

Beyond their beauty, we believe that gemstones harbor metaphysical properties that can support our spiritual growth and well-being. Our gemstone jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is a celebration of nature's beauty and the natural wonders found within the Earth's core. 

Our hope is to share this belief with you and offer you a piece of jewelry that resonates deeply within your own soul. We are not just a business, but a family rooted in a deep belief in the transformative power of gemstones.

Artist-Crafter, Craftsperson, Retailer
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Gemstones. Steel. Metal Alloys. Enamel. Wire and/or stretch string. Acrylic. Glass. Clay. Polymer - Handmade Gemstone Jewelry & Accessories
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