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GSQ Productions, Inc, Denver, CO

Member Since: October 19, 2023
Festival biz experience: 6 months - 1 year
Denver, Colorado
GSQ Productions, Inc is a company founded by two old people looking for new ways to entertain other old people.  We are dedicated to adding laughter and good memories to our customer's lives.  We started GSQ during the pandemic.  After organizing all closets and appliances multiple times, we were bored, so we took a trip down memory lane and developed our first game board game, Retirement Road.

The Retirement Road Board Game is a unique retirement gift.  Retired?  Sit back, no worries, you've got retirement covered…except for the surprises that await you. Navigate a year or more of retirement, collecting and disbursing your retirement funds. Roll the die and take a chance. You'll be celebrating the outcome of landing on a 'YES' space, moaning when you realize what landing on a 'NO' space brings, or murmuring to yourself when you land on 'SERIOUSLY?'. Many unexpected things can happen as you play the game.

Retirement Road is a fun board game for after dinner entertainment, game nights, or gathering with friends. The game stimulates stories and allows you to reminisce about your life experiences. You have more in common with your friends than you think. Play with your kids and grandkids. They'll enjoy guessing who caused the financial stumbles. Play the game with younger adults who think they are ready for retirement. The game proves that getting old isn't fun, but it can be funny.

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