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Indolora, Malang, EAST JAVA

Plan Year-End Tours to Visit Various Malang Tourist Destinations by Hiring a Car

posted 10/03/21 22:36:15   category » cars
Plan Year-End Tours to Visit Various Malang Tourist Destinations by Hiring a Car
Malang Tourism – Entering the Christmas and New Year holiday season which coincides with the end of semester holidays for students at school, so it can be ascertained that many families take advantage of this moment to vacation with all family members to several tourist areas./ travel surabaya malang

Due to the large number of family members who travel with them, renting a car with a load capacity of many passengers will feel more comfortable, efficientand become the best solution option instead of having to use public transportation. Especially, for those of you who want to travel to Malang.

Malang Tourism is one of the tourist areas in East Java that is a pity to miss. There are many tourist destinations that you can visit for a trip. For example; Mount Bromo,
Batu Secret Zoo (Jatim Park II), Jatim Park III, Batu City Square, Omah Kayu (Paragliding, Batu), Selecta Flower Garden/Apple Picking (directly in the farmer's garden), BNS (Batu Night Spectacular), Coban Waterfall Rondo, and many others. You can enjoy various pleasant experiences by visiting places.
the tourist spot.

To visit these places will be fun if you use a car transportation. If you don't have it, you can rent a car. Now there are many car rental places that you can choose if you want to travel to various places in the city of Malang.

By renting a car, your travel plans will be more practical.
 For traveling with family or friends that is not done every day, Car rental is the right choice because we just use it according to our needs without having to do car maintenance and change car parts as if we had it ourselves.

Car rental is also safer, more comfortable, and guaranteed. Especially now that some car rental places already have car insurance. Other than that, some car rental places also develop car rental services equipped with tour packages to visit certain tourist areas.

There are also car rental places that provide car rental services on a daily, monthly, and even yearly basis. The rate is adjusted according to how long the car rental is. For convenience, You can also choose to drive yourself or use a driver. If you use a driver of course, there is an additional fee. This can all be arranged at the time of rental. So, immediately plan your fun year-end Malang holiday by traveling with family or colleagues together. same with car.

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Tour And Travel East Java

posted 10/03/21 22:28:28   category » travel
Tour And Travel East Java
The government of the city of Jepara has established Karimun Jawa as a National Park which in this area has 22 islands that have their own beauty and are very good to visit. In addition, there are many tourist attractions that are able to attract the attention of tourists. This city got the nickname the paradise of java. Here's the place-interesting sights: sewa mobil malang

1. Cape Gelam

One of the beaches in Karimun Jawa is Tanjung Gelam. The beach is very suitable to be visited in the afternoon. Because the beach is located at the western end of the island, it is very fitting to see the sunset clearly without being disturbed by other views.


Tanjung Gelam can also be used as a place for snorkeling. There are many culinary stalls that provide seafood and a variety of drinks. This location is also very easy to reach by public transportation.

2. Small Menjangan Island

Karimun Jawa is a place that is very well known by both local and foreign tourists. The natural beauty and the many beaches there are very interesting to be used as a vacation spot for a group of people who need refreshing. Small Menjangan Island is characterized by colorful coral reefs.

When diving you can see small fish in groups. Not only that, the clear bluish water adds to the beauty. Residents around the small Menjangan island also always welcome tourists very friendly.

3. Cemara Island

The nickname of this fir is because there are many cypress trees around the beach.

This island presents white sand which when the tide is high the border line between the island and the mainland is very clear. The location is quite far from the main island of Karimun Jawa, but on this island it is very beautiful because it is still empty of visitors.

If you want to surround the fir island, it will take approximately 30 minutes. On this island there are fish.

small fish that welcome on the outskirts and are very clearly visible. On this beach can be used for diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater.

4. Central Island

Why is it called the middle island? Because it is located between the island of Sintok with small islands.

Which island is also an option when vacationing in this attractive area? This one island is an island of white sand with calm waves which is very nice to enjoy.

In this area, there is a bridge that can be used as a very good photo spot. There are several facilities in this place including a fish pond.

there is a lesehan food stall that provides fresh fish to add to the enjoyment there.

5. Annora Island

The location of this island is in the hamlet of Cikmas. This one beach must be visited by tourists because it has its own peculiarities. In this area there are many wooden swings around it. Of course this adds to its own beauty.

Can play swing while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

The water is clear, and the beauty is very natural. On the island of Annora, there is also a hill. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty when on a hill. Besides the island, there are also hills that can be used as tourist attractions. There are also stalls made of wood with friendly traders.

6.Legon Lele Pulau Island

This one island has its own uniqueness because there are mangrove forests as well. This beach is located east of the town square. With the mangrove forest adds to its own beauty. Uniquely, on the outskirts of this island, there is a small island besides that it can also be used as a place for fishing.

7. Hill of Love

On this hill there is its own uniqueness, namely there is a large stone in the form of love and the writing of Karimun Jawa. Getting to this location is quite easy, it only takes 5-10 minutes to get to this very amazing place.

This large rock can be used as a photo spot.

In addition, there is also a house on stilts that can be used as a background for selfies with a panoramic view of the open sea. In this place a lot of trees that add to the beauty. There is also a mini cafe that can be used as a place to eat by providing various types of food.

8. Jowo Tuo Hill

This hill is located 1 kilometer from the pier.

Because of the hills of course, the winding journey is not easy to pass. However, many tourists are curious to go to this hill. The reason is, there is a uniqueness in this location, namely there is a very large whale skeleton where it is open and only has an asbestos roof.

In addition, there is also a giant prayer beads which weighs 2 tons.

This uniqueness makes a very good photo background. No less interesting there is a viewing post that has the shape of a boat. This uniqueness makes tourists curious about this location.

9. Bunga Jabe Karimun Jawa Beach

On this beach there are several blends of art, natural beauty and culture.

Regarding its natural beauty on the beach of Jabe flowers, there is a wide and beautiful white sand. Lots of lush trees. The arts that can be enjoyed by visitors include houses on stilts, dwarf houses, dining tables and swings. From culture, there are Bugis tribes that can be used as a place to ask questions about its history.

10. Mrican Pier

At this pier there is a place to lean fishing boats around there. This pier is indeed quite difficult to reach when arriving in the morning because there are residents to buy fish caught by fishermen. However, there is another way, come in the afternoon.

This place is one of the places to be enjoyed at sunset. Sitting on the edge of the pier is very enjoyable too.

11. Mangrove Tracking

Mangrove tracking is a national park in Karimun Jawa. In this place there are many mangrove trees. This area is managed as a tourist spot. It is located between two separate islands.

From a nice small road, visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. The entrance ticket is Rp. 12,500, -

In the mangrove tracking there is also a viewing post consisting of three floors. The unique substation can be enjoyed in the morning or evening when you are on the top floor and you can enjoy the islands.

islands and hills that can be used as photo spots. In this place there is also a way of planting mangrove trees.

12. Geleang Island

The location of this island is on the west side which is suitable to visit at lunch time and can be used as a place to rest.

The island which has a wide expanse and white sand can be used as a place to take pictures. Many beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed by both local and foreign tourists.

13. Karimun Jawa Butterfly Park

In addition to its natural beauty, there are also artificial tours in this area.

In this place there are many butterfly animals, for animal lovers this one is very suitable to visit this tour as well. Apart from that, there are also playgrounds such as three-dimensional Cinema, 3D Art Gallery. This tourist spot can be visited by both local and foreign tourists.

The above review is an explanation of the various.

kinds of tourist attractions in Karimun Java. Of course it can be used as a recommendation when you are planning to take a vacation and are looking for interesting, cool and contemporary tourist attractions. Various islands with their own uniqueness can be found there.

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