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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .
Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .


Inlight Medical, Queensbury, NY

Member Since: January 14, 2019
Queensbury, New York
We are Account Representatives for InLight Medical Systems. Low-level Light Therapy using LED polychromatic light pads and Nogier &Solffegio frequency's. Our systems are FDA cleared for increasing circulation and decreasing pain. Photobiomodulation is a key process. National Institute of Health published research database to describe this emerging science. “PHOTO” means light. “BIO” means living tissue. “MODULATION” means change. PLT initiates the photobiomodulation process, which releases nitric oxide – increasing circulation (blood flow) throughout the body. This mechanism of action is a photo-chemical response, not a heat/thermal response,
Healing Arts
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