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Normalize Channeling, Sarasota, FL

Member Since: March 29, 2024
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Sarasota, Florida
My name is Courtney, a dedicated member of the Family of Light, committed to challenging limiting beliefs and offering transformative quantum healing to all who seek it. Celebrating my 50th year of life, I have had a fulfilling career in nursing as an RN, followed by the pursuit of a degree in psychology. For the past two decades, I have worked in various local psychiatric hospitals, providing support to individuals grappling with mental health and addiction challenges. Currently, I hold the role of Program Manager for Supportive Housing at The Salvation Army, where I work tirelessly to secure housing for chronically homeless individuals in our community.
Throughout my 30-year career in social services, I have observed the shortcomings and deficiencies within our medical and mental health systems. This realization prompted me to explore alternative healing methods, particularly after my second son was born with Sensory Processing Disorder. This personal experience led me to delve into energy work and pursue certifications in various energy modalities. I have since become a certified Reiki Master, undergone training in Shamanic energy healing, mastered the art of channeling, and obtained certifications in QHHT, BQH, life coaching, smoking cessation, and weight loss hypnotherapy.
Drawing from my own journey of healing from childhood traumas that impacted my mental health and led to addiction issues, I have successfully restored harmony to my mind, body, and spirit. Now, I am dedicated to serving others who seek relief from their own suffering.

My purpose on this magnificent planet is to spread light, love, and healing energy to all beings I encounter on my journey through life. I am dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding the practice of channeling and make it a normalized experience for every individual. My goal is to empower others to access their inner wisdom, healers, and higher selves, connecting them with spirit, universal consciousness, and unlocking their innate abilities to bring health, wellness, and divine love into their lives through channeling their own higher selves. This event (and my website) should be called "Whatever it Takes!" because that is what I have done in my own life and what I do in my practice in order to seek out any and every healing modality possible until I find the ones that works for you and your belief system.  I take you on a journey deep inside yourself to unlock the secrets that have been hiding there waiting to be discovered and uncovered. This event will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, strike down limiting beliefs that are holding you back and move toward a life of gratitude, confidence and fulfillment. Are you tired of repeating old patterns that are no longer serving you? Are you struggling with a medical or mental health disease or disorder and want to be free of the pain and suffering and learn why your higher-self had you experience that in the first place? Want guidance on your marriage, children, career? Want to stop smoking, drinking, using drugs or lose weight? If so, then this is your event and I'm your girl! 
During this transformative gathering, I will guide you in harnessing your own abundant energy source and mastering the art of shifting your state to quantum leap towards your highest potential timeline. Together, we will elevate our vibrations to a 5D frequency, empowering you to manifest the life of your dreams. Through an exploration of quantum physics, I will illuminate how you can manipulate the energies within and around your Luminous Energy field in order to heal anything you might be suffering from whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. 
I will demystify the principles of QHHT and Energy Healing, assisting you to recognize any limiting beliefs programmed within your "monkey mind" and empowering you to access these tools for self-healing. Remember, true healing comes from within, and I am here to serve as a conduit to help you rediscover this innate ability within yourself. Your limitless potential awaits within you – let us embark on this journey together to unlock your true power. Join me in this event and let us co-create a reality filled with abundance and fulfillment.
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