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Tastefully Simple by Mary Ann


Tastefully Simple by Mary Ann, Monmouth, OR

Let's Gather Around The Table

by Tastefully Simple by Mary Ann, posted 01/07/17 16:50:03
Let's Gather Around The Table
Some good reasons for families to gather around the table this 2017 year ahead of us are:

1. Better food habits.  When you eat around the table at least 1/2 of your meals together you decrease the amount of food you would eat by about 20%.

2. You gain better social skills.  Eating with someone else or your family you will use the manners your were taught or it is a good time to learn them as a group.  You will also have a special time to share all the happenings in the day and get others responses.

3. A feeling of well being.  Children who participate at mealtime usually won't overeat and are more likely to eat healthier than if they eat alone.

4. Taste are broadened.  Children are exposed to more food groups choices then if they were to choose what they wanted right out of the refrigerator.  They would probably only eat what they felt they liked without trying something new.

5. Helps decrease teen smoking, drinking and drug use.  If your teen has fewer than 3 family meals a week, they are more likely going to participate in the wrong activities.

So Then Why and Where does Tastefully Simple Come In.

Who like to or does the deciding for dinner, usually mom and/or dad.  This takes time to plan out your weeks worth of meals, put together a grocery list, do the shopping. 

Tastefully Simple with their 30 Meals & More, their 10 meals & more and their starters take all that out of the equation.

Each meal collection comes with ideas and recipes.  Included is your grocery list to go shop for to prepare the meals which saves time and stress on you.

So this year (2017) why don't you resolve to spend more time around the dinner table, take the stress out of your life with easy to prepare meals and try Tastefully Simples Meal Collections.

I have 2 $40 off coupons for their 30 Meal Plan Collection.  All you have to do is contact me to to receive code while I still have them.

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