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The Blockchain Freedom Foundation, Highland, UT

Member Since: July 22, 2021
Festival biz experience: 7+ years
Highland, Utah

Bitcoin & Tech Summit & Live Concert, Friday, October 1st, 2021 at Utah Valley University, 800 WEST UNIVERSITY PARKWAY, OREM, UT 84058. Conference at 8AM to 7PM. Live Concert at 8:30PM

WHAT IS THIS? The UVU Bitcoin & Technology Summit is the one and only conference that's connecting clean energy, bitcoin and breaking down the blockchain in a way that makes crypto make sense for everyone. Don't miss your seat on this electromagnetic train as it makes its final dash through this digital vortex and blasts into the Era of Harnessing. Come learn the history of the blockchain ledger system, how it works today on the digital network, why we need it now, and how to prepare for Web 3.0 and mass adoption of digital currencies and quantum energy.

You will learn how Bitcoin is solving the clean energy problem by migrating data mining farms and network centers onsite with wind farms, solar farms, geothermal plants, and hydro-electric stations. This is no accident, and this is not a trend started by Elon Musk tweeting about how bitcoin uses energy. This was always the intent, to use the blockchain ledger network to drive efficiency in energy, technology, and across every sector of the economy.

UH?: Imagine waking up one day to realize you don't need to plug in anything, you won't need to worry about where electricity is coming from - at that point you will merely harness pure clean energy from the very atmosphere around you. Just like switching on your radio and here comes your favorite beats or your most loved talkshow host, Charlene Live on iHeartRadio. Welcome! You are now entering the Era of Harnessing.

WHO's WHO: This speaker lineup is no small fry, they were there from the get-go. They've spent the past decade refining and securing the blockchain network and engineering the new cryptocurrency sector. Each presentation will break down all the new ter-mining-ology and de-fi-nitions for you to chart your own course across this vast digital ocean.:

  • Mike Waters: Inventor of Tokenized Real Estate Equity and Carbon Credits Tokenization
    Tron Black: Utah's own Early Inventor of Raven Coin and Father of Efficient Mining Methods
    Bitcoin Ben: The Most Likeable Human Being on Earth!
    Rob Robson: Financial LIFE Coach and Motivational Speaker
    Dylan Bradley: The Most Handsome Man in Crypto, Author, Actor, Consultant
    Patrick Hakim: First-in-Class Bitcoin Technologist, Strategist, Investor
    Michelle Harper: Beauty & Brain, Attorney and Inventor of Crypto IRA
    Justin Harper: The Man Who Makes Your Money Work For You, Digital Asset Portfolio Management
    Omar Westerberg: Father of Merging Traditional Investments onto the Blockchain
    Peymon Mottahedeh: Constitutional Scholar and Expert in Taxation & Individual Rights
    Charlene Live on iHeartRadio: Not-SO-hilarious Speaker


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