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Anami Studio


Anami Studio, Miami, FL

member since: 11/02/2009
USA: Miami, Florida (FL)
Phone: (305) 200-7717

ANA MILENA TAMARA  was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. The passion for art and painting was instilled in her as a child. At an early age she took art classes and started to relate with techniques, textures and the geometric relations of composition within a painting.

Studied Architecture and in 1985 graduated with honors as an Interior Designer from Autonomous University in Colombia and continued her training in painting while she joined her alma mater to teach design, color theory and painting techniques. In the following years human figure and still lifes were her main aesthetic proposal.

In 1994, Tamara decides she needs a change and moved to Miami, United States. Worked with pleasure and discipline, complied with her personal rhythm and her sense of the artistic and embarked in a journey of abstraction for a decade.

In 2009 she falls in love again with realism and works hard to follow the methods and techniques of the classical tradition, with inspiration coming from such artists as Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, Jean Francois Millet, and Gustave Courbet.

She blends the classical realism of the Renaissance era with the spirit and spontaneity of contemporary art and restarts the physical composition of still life to conform a controlled plastic unity, surrounded by a chromatic atmosphere with the intention to project emotions tied to sensuality and pleasure. Everything she paints exists, has smell and texture; pears, peaches and melons of various forms and values. Combining the wonder of light and shadow, the richly textured detail of fruits, flowers and fabrics, she creates beauty out of the ordinary.

“I’m not interested in the conceptual, in symbolism, or in social messages. I am devoted to solving an aesthetic problem involving light, form and color.” Her particular aesthetics is derived from multiple paths, although the artist declares she has never adhered to any avant-garde movements. She does not consider herself a hyperrealist painter; rather, she believes her style aligns with a simple and classic realism.

Tamara lives in Key Biscayne and devotes herself full time to painting at her studio in Coral Gables, Florida in the United States.

Artist, Artist-Crafter, Wholesale Artist