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5 Ways to Engage Virtual Customers

posted 02/08/21 10:14:19   Category » covid-19
5 Ways to Engage Virtual Customers
It’s safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to rethink everything we thought we knew about marketing. For those who already had a solid handle on engaging their customers virtually, they just had to up their game a bit. But if you have always relied on old-school marketing tactics, navigating this new world can be a struggle. Not to worry, though. These tried-and-true strategies for virtual engagement will help you get back on your feet again in no time.

Live stream events

In these unprecedented times, we can all take a lesson from the fashion industry. When it was no longer safe to hold fashion shows, they moved online without missing a beat. Of course, online fashion shows have already been around for a while... making it easier when it was time to abandon pre-Covid ways of doing it. Can you host your own show, highlighting your products, your team, your goals and ideas? It may not have all the panache of a fashion show, but it gives your virtual customers a fun way to connect with you.


A webinar is another fun way to engage your audience. The slideshows, videos, and instant interaction which can take place during a webinar make your audience feel connected to you in a tangible way, despite the physical distancing. Another great perk of webinars? It gives you the chance to interact with your target market in a personal way, similar to what you would do if you could meet them face-to-face. It allows your unique voice and personality to shine through just as if you were physically welcoming them into your store or office. That “personal touch” can make you stand out from the competition in a socially distant world.

Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned party? And thanks to the wonders of technology, a virtual happy hour or customer appreciation event is completely feasible. To make it even more personal and fun, send your customers everything they’ll need to celebrate ahead of time: drinks, snacks, even decorations.

Whatever platform you use for your “Happy Hour” event, don’t forget to include some games and live chat to make it feel like a real party (because it is!). Give them an occasion to remember... and they’ll be back.

Offer a Product Demo

Let’s be honest. These times of social isolation are hard on everyone, including your potential customers. What might make them feel better? product of course! Send them a product that’s still in the testing phases and give them the chance to check it out. Make it even more meaningful by including some store swag, and maybe a few other freebies, in the package. And of course, make sure they know that you value their feedback.

Host a Virtual Conference or Trade Show

Remember that sense of camaraderie you got from interacting with others in your industry? Well, so do your customers...and they miss it just as much as you do. How about getting some other interested parties involved and hosting your own conference or trade show? It definitely fills an empty place that’s missing since Covid-19 hit... and your target audience will remember that you are the one who filled that gap for them.

Yes, it’s true; the Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a whole new era, with new ways to engage with customers. But with a little creativity and a lot of dedication, you can transform this time of loss into a time of opportunity. And then... no one can stop you.

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