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Easy Ways to Improve Your Festival Bathroom Experience

posted October 20, 2023   category » Inspiration
Easy Ways to Improve Your Festival Bathroom Experience

"Festivals are happy places, and you don't really want to enjoy them on your own." – Christine and The Queens. Festivals are all about fun, celebration and excitement. For many of us, they represent a chance to get out of our comfort zone, make new memories and feel free from any worries or work pressures, but have you ever found yourself feeling anxious as soon as you spot those festival bathrooms? Festive blogger Sophie shares a few tips on how to make the experience less horrific.


Sophie's Festive Bathroom Strategies

Sophie (a festive blogger at The Worldwide Festival Blog) shares her experiences and highlights that the first strategy she has found helpful is carrying around a Peebol wherever she goes. The Peebol is described as being a pocket sized toilet that allows women, men and children to go for a wee anytime and anywhere – perfect for festivals since their compact design means they can fit into your bag or wallet just as easily as a phone charger would.


Tips on Safely Using the Bathrooms at Festivals 


The first tip would be to bring along a head torch or any other kind of flashlight with you when going into the bathroom in low-light situations. It is always good practice to also keep anti-bacterial wet wipes nearby in case you need (or want) to clean off your toilet seat before sitting down (it's nice to have peace of mind, right?). You should also pack small packs of tissues with you as many stalls may run out during peak times; these should take up little room in whatever bag you bring for easy access whenever and wherever necessary. Wellies (waterproof boots) instead of flip flops might not seem fashionable, but they'll give your feet much better protection from any gross stuff that might end up on bathroom floors – don't toss fashion over safety. 


Event Promoters: The Impact of Bathroom Colors On Mood


When it comes to the impact of bathroom colors on mood, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for some may not work for others. However, there are certain hues that can set the ideal environment to transform a festival bathroom into a more inviting and hospitable space. Colors come with subtle effects on people's mental state and emotions. For example, as noted by Saneux, yellow or orange hues evoke energy and confidence, which might be beneficial when attending festivals or music events as they tend to bring high levels of excitement and enthusiasm into the atmosphere. On the other hand, green has been known to create feelings of happiness, comfort and hope due to its association with nature elements like plants, forests and meadows; thus creating an aura of calmness that could ultimately relax guests from long days or nights at the festivities. 


The process of using a festive bathroom doesn't need to be an overwhelming stress-induced one. With some clever planning and preparation, you will be able to get a 'go' and find solutions for the next time you attend an event and with the above tips in mind, you can go ahead confidently and hit up your favorite festivals this season without any apprehension.


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