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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .


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How do I get paid for my delivered orders?

You will be paid directly by the purchaser. We offer a few payment options which you will choose in your shop settings when you set up your shop. If you use PayPal, it is free to set up and offers discounted shipping rates, order tracking, and payment protection. Plus, buyers can pay via PayPal with a credit card without having to set up their own PayPal account. You might include this information in your 'shop policies'. Learn more about setting up a PayPal account here.

If PayPal is not working in your shop, check these settings first.

1. Log in to your PayPal account
2. Go to the Website Payment Preferences of your PayPal profile
3. Scroll/swipe down to the Encrypted Website Payments section
4. Set Block Non-encrypted Website Payment to Off
5. Click the Save button

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