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3D Video Glasses for PC "Nebula" - 98 Inch Virtual Screen, VGA

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3D Video Glasses with 98 Inch Virtual Screen Display and VGA connector for PC compatibility. Watch movies or play your games in 3D or in normal 2D and experience a true cinema like viewing!

The “Nebula” 3D Virtual Glasses are a revolutionary way of watching movies. Connecting to your PC trough the VGA port, you’ll see everything your computer displays in 98 Inch splendor in front of you without having to actually buy such a big monitor. Imagine yourself gaming with these glasses on and being fully immerged into the game. FPS Shooters will drag you into the heart of the action, race as if you were sitting in the cockpit yourself and command your armies in a complete new way. If watching movies is more your thing, the “Nebula” will make you feel as if you were actually standing in the middle of the movie set. The “Nebula” can be worn just like any other glasses and offers surround sound making watching multimedia an absolute joy.

Fully powered by your PC’s USB Port, you’ll only have 1 cable of 1.5m departing from the “Nebula” which then splits up into 2 Audio Jacks, a VGA Cable and a USB Cable. The left and right earphones can be removed and folding flat, these video glasses are ultra portable. Included in the package is a rubber eye shield which can be mounted on the “Nebula” to fully shut out daylight between the glasses and your eyes.