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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .
This is a unique one of a kind item. Once sold, no others like it will be available.

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Business Opportunity Rock Kit

Rock Fans Wanted

If you love ROCKS and working with your HANDS -
America Rocks has the perfect business opportunity for YOU!

Hello crafters… America Rocks is seeking Rock Fans
to set rocks on rock foundations!

It’s been said the key to success is to recognize the value of something obscure BEFORE it becomes obvious to everyone else. This is YOUR opportunity to do just that… Rock decor is a unique, obscure - little known product. Few people know about it but now YOU do!

We invite you to become acquainted with a unique product that inspires extended gazes and wonder. Handmade with a variety of stones, America Rocks features the natural beauty of stone! Our primary product (picture frames) is one of the most common products on earth. YOU name it – homes, businesses, restaurants, offices, churches, hotels and hospitals – all have picture frames! Although picture frames are common – ROCK picture frames are rare. STONE stands out in any setting, accentuates homes, offices and businesses - AND enhances special pictures!

To finish rock décor there’s NO measuring wood, NO cutting wood, NO cutting plastic or glass… NO glue is needed and NO power tools are required. All you have to do is select the foundation you wish to complete – then spread cement and apply stones.

NOTE: We use the words “Rocks” and “Stones” interchangeably as meaning the same.

ROCK DECOR: The Ultimate multipurpose business opportunity.
Framing pictures has been around since Adam and never goes out of style.

YOU can finish stone crafts as a hobby and sell stone decor at various shows and fairs. You can operate a small stone décor business or build a sizable organization with distributors.

A popular sentiment when giving gifts is “It’s the thought that counts.” If you sell at shows advise patrons that STONE shows love ones they made a genuine effort to find a unique, thoughtful gift! Tell patrons that Rock Decor can be given for any occasion… birthdays, weddings, reunions, graduations, anniversaries, mother's day, father's day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day!

The authenticity of handcrafted stone décor is rare and inherently surprising! You can give stone décor as a gift or display it in your home or office… Do you like conversation? Want to stimulate chitchat? Rock décor is the ultimate conversation magnet and Conversation Rocks! YOU can sell stone decor at both handmade craft shows and various marketplace shows.

In an age of cyber photos and selfies – a handmade ROCK craft featuring pictures is a recipe for attracting attention… uplifting conversation, emotional outbursts and giant hugs! Time after time you’ll attract groups of show goers at your table saying, “Wow… I’ve never seen anything like this. Where did you get this idea?” Get used to it! AMERICA ROCKS features products you’ll be proud to show, display and market. When crowds gather at your table to admire your rock décor and picture frames - this is a recipe for sales!

Think about all the products you’ve seen at fairs and festivals throughout the years: perfume, cosmetics, candles, paintings, dolls, woodcarvings, nutrition goods and foods; Rock Décor is none of the above! Stone Crafts are completely different. How different? Even MEN like them! Most craft fairs are a shopping paradise for women. However, rock décor attracts male buyers! Men like the rustic, rugged look of rocks and readily join the chorus of folks saying, “Wow… that’s unique; I’ve never seen anything like this!” SMILE and get used to MALE complements and male buyers.

It’s been said the key to success is to recognize the value of something obscure BEFORE it becomes obvious to everyone else. This is YOUR opportunity to do just that… Rock decor is a unique, obscure - little known product. Few people know about it but now YOU do!

The America Rocks Start-Up Kit comes with everything needed to finish the rock foundation provided with the kit. The Start-Up Kit includes:

- one stone foundation,
- rocks and rock containers,
- adhesive mortar, swabs, mortar applicators,
- a foundation menu and
- The rock craft instruction manual, "Finishing Stone Decor Illustrated." The instruction manual teaches how to set rocks on foundations.

With the above materials you’ll set stones and complete a rock craft. Each craft you complete is an original and one-of-a-kind rock craft that can’t be duplicated.

NOTE: Stone foundation frame openings for pictures are fitted with clear plastic or fiberglass; both look great showcasing pictures. We never use glass in frame openings on foundations.

When you complete the start-up foundation, then you’ll have an opportunity for advanced training, rock fan licensing or rock star certification. Additional materials and media kits are available if you fall in love with rock crafts and want to grow a stone decor business or build a sizable organization.

America Rocks team support rocks! If you have an upcoming show AND want to start selling rock décor immediately; we have wholesale rock décor immediately available to help stock your inventory. Order the Start-Up Kit for details.

The America Rocks Introductory Start-Up Kit costs: $39.95. Make and SELL one-of-a-kind Rock Decor. Order now. Rock Fans and Rock Stars Rock with America RocksTM.
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