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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .

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This is a unique one of a kind item. Once sold, no others like it will be available.
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The magic Boxx

The Magic Boxx is a very Unique product that turns everything and anything into a speaker. Sound crazy...and it is..its like Magic, hence the name...
All you do is connect the Magic Boxx to any device with a headphone jack, like your iPod, iPad, iPhone ... any smart phone, mp3 player laptop or PC. Plug the Magic Boxx into your device head phone jack, and the Magic Boxx has has a vibration frequency pad with a very high tech sticker, that never wears out and will not leave glue on the object it's connected to... and the sound comes from that object...MAGIC..incredible but true. A card board box, a cooler in you boat or at the camp fire, your mirror in your hotel room, the lamp shade, a wall, ...its endless and fun to see what sounds the best.
Looking for those who would like to sell my product from their booth. Low qty commitment, order a sample at Qty pricing of $22.95 Retail $39.95.
Qty priceing from $17.95 - $22.95