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October 2012


The most important task for a promoter is to get their event noticed. This month's article, by our very own Julie Cochrane, is a reminder of tips and services we can help you out with to do so.


As an added bonus, we've also solicited some helpful tips to promoters, from the vendors they book, on how to make an event more successful for everyone involved!

Also, we love to hear suggestions for articles from YOU! If you have any requests, ideas, or would like to contribute an article, please contact us!


Happy promoting!
FNO Newsletter Editor

How to Get Your Event Noticed!
by Julie Cochrane


Promoting events


Adding your event for free in the database is a great first step! You're on your way to getting noticed in a big way as we get over 750,000+ monthly visitors! Be sure your listing has a great description and your event details are accurate and complete. Here are some additional ways to increase your exposure.


Co-Promote with FNO

We offer some sweet co-promotion opportunities! You scratch our back, we scratch yours! You get free Featured Event exposure for your event in exchange for promoting FNO! Learn more here.


Featured Events

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You can also buy advertising like Banner, Button, or Newsletter ads. View our very reasonable rates and learn more here.


Social Media

Also, enjoy the benefit of our ever-growing Facebook presence. Feel free to shout out your show's website there: - keep it conversational and personal and be sure to say hey! On Twitter? We will also retweet you if you include us in your tweet! Find us there as @festivalnet


Newsletter Content

Maybe someone on your festival staff is a good writer and can contribute an article for one of our monthly newsletters! Peruse our archives to see what topics we publish: Your author's byline can include links to your website! It's a great way to increase your SEO too.


Your Public Profile

In addition to listing your event(s), be sure to also fill out all the details of your FNO Community profile! Go to "My account" and select "modify profile" to get started. This gives you additional exposure beyond your festival listing(s). Plus your events automatically appear under the "Calendar" link in your Profile. You can even use your Profile as your website. It is great for your SEO and allows FNO members and others to learn more about your business. Your profile can also be included in our free opt-in Festival Business Directory. Make sure you check this option when you modify your profile.



Please, encourage your happy vendors to rate your shows! Both free and paid FestivalNet members are able to rate your shows and rate you as a promoter. The stars make your show 'glow' in our database! To help get this done, you might send an email to your vendor list, this is a great start:


To all our awesome event exhibitors and vendors,

Please take a minute to rate our shows at FestivalNet .com.

It will really help our events stand out in a good way! If you are not already a member of FestivalNet, you can join for free to add your ratings. The FNO staff are always eager to assist, so get in touch with them if you need help using the site or rating events.

Join here:



As always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions! We hope you have an amazing festival!




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And now for some festival advertising tips from your friendly exhibitor:


Dear Event Promoter,


I was very excited when I received your correspondence asking me to be a part of your upcoming event! I have a few questions, as it relates to the event you are planning, before I can make my decision.


First, it is important to know how many successful years you have put on this particular event. If this is your first year, that doesn't mean that I will not participate, I just need to know what avenue you plan to use for advertising.


After all, our (the artist/vendor) success depends on how well you, the promoter, promotes us! I have done many events and the most successful ones have been the events that were promoted very well. The bottom line is if our sales are not what "we" expect, we will not want to return to your event.


There are so many avenues available for you to reach the public. If you have a committee for your event, it would be great if you appoint one person whose sole job is to follow up on the advertising. One thing that I have learned from art show bookings is that it is not sufficient to just send the announcement to a newspaper. A follow up call is necessary to make sure it gets posted and the facts are correct!


I think that if you announce your event six months out, this puts it on people's minds. When you accept the artist into your event, provide some fliers in the acceptance package. Trust me, we will hand them out! Set up an "event" on the all time favorite, Facebook. Each artist can also tag customers in the event.


The community bulletin boards, web sites, and local social event papers are a great source of advertisement. This should most likely be done one to two months prior. Please don't forget the local radio stations! The announcer will read off the event title and the date of the event. Check with the local "hot spot" store. I am sure they will allow you to set fliers in their store.


A popular event in my area creates signs to go in front yards. Three weeks til the event, these cute colorful signs pop up all over the city. There are plenty of places to have inexpensive signs made.


I think it is a good idea to spend the bulk of your advertising dollar one to two weeks prior to the event. That is when it should run in the local paper. Getting a spot on the local morning news show is also a great idea. Many mothers plan events for their families by watching this. I used to do it all the time when my kids were young.


Once you get through all the advertising stuff, having volunteers to assist the artist loading and unloading is a sure winner in my book! If you are able to provide free coffee for the artist, especially if it's an outdoor winter event, you will definitely earn brownie points with the vendor.


Lastly, while we don't mind vendors selling the same thing as us, it would be nice to space us out. Let's not have three jewelry vendors rubbing elbows!




A Future Vendor


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