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Liability Insurance for Food Vendors: What to Know

by the writing team of FLIP Insurance


If you own a mobile food vending truck, mobile barbeque stand, ice cream cart, small snack bar in a park, sell at a farmers market or participate in shows/festivals/ special events as a food vendor, then you are in food vending industry.



When doing research on the internet about food liability insurance or food vendor liability insurance you can find a lot of important information on forums, with questions and answers written by people like you. Let's then take a look into the most important details so that your food vending business brings you only profit and peace of mind.


First of all, let's establish what food liability insurance means. There are many types of insurance you may need for your food business, but as a vendor you will need liability insurance for sure! Even if you don't feel you are a huge liability factor, it's important to be prepared for any incident.


Basically, liability insurance is what saves you money in case of a lawsuit. Liability insurance includes general liability and product liability insurance.


Here is the typical scenario from our experience. A food vendor calls in and says, "I'm going to provide food at a festival and they require me to have liability insurance. Could you help me with that?" Yes, of course! But the point is that many shows, festivals, farmers markets require insurance just to enroll. So be prepared for that! What's more, they are requesting an insurance policy that covers not only the food vendor and his business, but also the festival's name and location. This is a common request and it's called having the festival as an "additional insured."


Additional insured can be a person or an organization. What happens with additional insureds is you extend your policy coverages to protect the additional insured from a lawsuit that was caused by your negligence. For example, if someone slipped in your booth and broke their arm, the insurance policy will protect you and the venue in the suit.


Another common question is about the cost for additional insured. Some insurance companies will charge you, and with others there is no cost to add additional insured.


Do you know what Inland Marine insurance means? In our case it is a type of property insurance that covers food vendor's goods while at a show, temporary location, or while being transported on the vehicle.


When buying liability insurance, make sure you have plenty of liability insurance to cover lawyer and settlement costs, and you'll be fine. You can start with the same company who insures your home, and then compare policies offered by other insurance agencies and special programs.


Compare liability insurance rates carefully before choosing a policy. Also consider if you need an annual policy or if you need insurance only for one show. There are short-term policy options often available for food vendors.


Happy Food Vendor Spring Season!


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FLIP's writer team. Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) is designed by Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC and offers general & product liability insurance for food vendors that can be purchased on the website





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