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Festival Network Online Newsletter Commercial/Food Vendor Edition -  May 2007
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How to be your Own Booking Agent
By Jeri Goldstein

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A note from the editor...
Hello FNO Exhibitors and Food Vendors,

This month, Robert Berman explains how having a website can enhance your business and how easy it is these days to create one.

This month's Featured Artist is John R. Kamerer.

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Should Everyone In Business Have A Website??

Festivals: Using a website with your vending businessby Robert Berman

In my opinion, anyone or any business that needs some name recognition in any manner should have a website.

The Internet is taking over from the numerous yellow page directories that exist throughout North America and around the world.  It has reached a point where the yellow pages are now using the Internet to deliver advertising for their subscribers.  The Internet is the way millions of people shop for products and services each and every day.  We look for restaurants, electronics, cars, and handyman services from the comfort of our homes without having salespeople attempt to pressure us into buying.  We can compare offerings and specifications, without someone looking over our shoulder and even more importantly the Internet gives us access to every companies products, and services, we are not limited to what is available in any one outlet and we can do it at two o’clock in the morning!

Some individuals will spend hours of time searching the Internet looking for work - jobs, contracts, fairs, gigs, and festivals.  

The cost of having a website is decreasing monthly.  You can even obtain free space and templates that are ultra convenient to “fill in the blanks”, if you don't mind some advertising along side your message.  If you are looking for something that is a little more personal or dynamic, most website hosting companies provide free software which provides any layman with the tools to create a website with pictures, graphics, and text to tell their story to their town, city, country or the world.

Most businesses spend countless hours trying to find opportunities to chase.  What business doesn't want opportunities presented to them?  I don't know of any!

If you have a vending cart, a food concession trailer, you are a musical group or you’re a stand-up comedian, you will never know if someone in your area is looking for the services that you provide unless you can be found - conveniently.

Are you someone that believes that the Internet is only for the Fortune 1000 corporations?  Are you guilty of saying that it won't work, without even trying?  
A few hours of your time could mean being invited to a gig, fair, corporate outing, wedding, or a sweet sixteen that you were not even aware was in the offing.  So what’s holding you back? 

Article provided by:
Robert Berman owner of the website Mobile Catering Business, the only website and forums exclusively for food concession, vending cart and mobile catering businesses.   For more info visit:

Featured Artist - John R. Kamerer of Monumental Photography

John KamererJohn Kamerer of Monumental Photography has been a member of FNO for over 2 years and in 2007 his work will appear at 30 festivals.  His photographs of flowers are stunning and vibrant.  He captures color and texture exquisitely.  I particularly enjoy the use of space and depth in his compositions.   Printing his photographs on canvas gives them a painterly quality and, in many cases, also makes them appear 3-D.

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