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March 2016

Some bands never make it out of the garage. If you're wondering what you can do differently to help your band succeed, check out this month's article below. 

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Why Most Musicians Fail to Break into the Industry

by Tom Hess

Looking to break into the music industry? Here is a surprising fact about the music business that you might not be aware of:

Each year, music companies receive countless demos, videos and other items from musicians who all possess exceptional musical talent. Many of these musicians have spent years developing their musical skills to the highest level and are hoping that they will 'catch a break' when a music company likes their style and offers them a contract or a record deal. That said, the overwhelming majority of musicians will never hear back from the companies they attempt to make contact with. In fact, most of the materials sent to music companies are not even opened! They are quickly glanced over and most of the time are thrown directly into the trash without a single hesitation. Musicians are left scratching their heads, wondering why their plans for breaking into the music industry seem to go nowhere despite their musical talent. You don't want to end up like this...

In contrast to the musicians who don't make it in music, there are thousands of musicians who DO succeed in the music business and build fulfilling (and highly profitable) music careers. In fact, it is 'not that hard' to make a good living in music. However, most people fail in their quest to become professional musicians and break into the music industry because they follow some 'easy to believe' conventional approaches when trying to start their careers. Here is the top 5 list of these 'common sense' tactics that will destroy your chances of building a career in the music industry:

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