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Keeping Your Crowd Cool At Outdoor Events

Keeping Your Crowd Cool At Outdoor Events

by The Writing Team of



As heat waves continue to roll across the nation, planners who have upcoming outdoor events may tend to panic. How in the world are you going to keep your guests cool and comfortable if the weather turns blistering?


Of course, there are always portable air conditioners and fans, but if that stretches the budget or exceeds the power supply, you have some other options.


A Cool Damp Towel

Nothing feels more refreshing than a cool, damp cloth when the temperature is feverish. You can offer your guests that sensation with individualized, 100 percent cotton, pre-moistened towels. Patterned after the traditional oshibori nakins offered before a meal at restaurants in Japan, they can be used on hands, faces or even feet. It's a snap to chill down the packages in a refrigerator or freezer before the event.


These napkins come in different sizes and scents including lemon, lavender and peach mango.


They are also available unscented. A nice added touch is that you can customize the packaging to include your branding or sponsor information. One source:


Drink a Watermelon

Guests will appreciate a nice cold drink, and it's even better spiked with a little jolt. Here's a fantastic summer drink from our friends at Feastivities Events ( in Philadelphia. It's easy to make in large batches, and is a luscious thirst-quencher.


First, scoop out a seedless watermelon and place the melon in a blender. Add 15 basil leaves and a pinch of sea salt. Add vodka if you desire-the amount is up to you. Puree, and serve over ice with a basil garnish. One watermelon makes about 30 drinks. Yum!


Fan Away

Pretty and practical. That's always been the appeal of folding fans. But now, they can be personal as well, a value-added memento that will live on long after your event is over. Coordinate the fan colors with your theme, brand them with your client's logo or attach ribbons or tags to make them extra special.


Refreshing Mist

Everyone knows that a light mist on an overheated body causes instant relief. Combine it with a fan and you can cool the air up to 30 degrees! There are a variety of misting fan options, ranging from personal-sized bottles starting at about seven dollars to commercial-scale machines that can cool a 180 square foot area for four hours or longer. Many rental companies carry misting fans and it just might be worth the cost to keep your crowds more comfortable.







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