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How To Find Companies Interested In Sponsoring Events
by Stephen Kim for

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There is no foolproof formula to bring in sponsorship, but by having a more targeted outreach, savvy event managers increase their chances of event success.

1) Define The Fundamentals of Your Event

What is the overall vision of the event?
What overarching goals are you trying to achieve through the event?
What are the values of the event brand?

2) Know Why Companies Want to Sponsor Events

Increasing social media impressions - If your event is particularly well suited for social media sharing, companies will be very much interested in promoting their own social media channels and thinking of ways to push partnered content. If executed properly, this can be a win-win for all parties involved.

Collecting customers leads - Many companies are excited at the prospect of gaining more potential customers through event sponsorship.

Tapping into a specific demographic - Sometimes companies have a difficult time connecting with a certain demographic. Companies are especially interested if the sponsorship can give the brand the exposure it needs in regards to a specific demographic.

Whatever the reasons may be in your sponsor's case, make sure of the "why" behind their eagerness to sponsor and address those needs as directly as possible.

3) Define The Sponsorship Criteria

It's helpful to keep in mind a few questions when speaking to potential sponsors to see if they would align with your event vision.

Questions to Ask Potential Sponsors.

4) Research Companies That Have Sponsored Events Similar to Yours

Look up other events comparable to yours and look at their sponsor pages. If possible, get in contact with the event organizer and ask for tips on shaping the event sponsorship package. Conversations like this will provide insight as to what these companies want.

5) Use Online Resources That Connect Organizers with Sponsors
  • SponsorMyEvent functions as a complete sponsorship management tool.
  • SponsorPitch facilitates quick, smart connections between sponsoring brands and sponsorship opportunities.
  • SponsorPark is particularly geared towards event organizers, requiring all organizers to post event sponsorship proposals and then wait to be contacted.
  • Sponseasy can be viewed as a Squarespace for sponsorship proposals. The site's emphasis on visually captivating proposals is what makes it stand out.
6) Find Companies With The Right Resources

Keep these three qualities in mind when looking for companies that are both interested and eligible to be sponsors.
  • Companies with sufficient budget: Make sure your potential sponsor has a large enough budget to offer financial support.
  • Companies with Advertising/Marketing Departments: These companies often set aside a budget specifically for event sponsorship.
  • Companies through referrals: Once you've secured the first few sponsors, enroll them into a referral program. This way, you're automatically introduced to qualified sponsorship candidates.
7) Focus On Key Decision Makers

Tools such as LinkedIn and are helpful for targeting these relevant stakeholders. Once you find their contact info, send them personalized emails.

8) Have Valuable Event Data Readily Available

Companies interested in sponsoring events will always be interested in the type of data you're able to collect. A full-stack event management platform provides the tools and features necessary to gather valuable event data.

9) Tap Into Your Event Organizer Network

Finding companies interested in sponsoring events requires both resources and experience. So, if you feel you are lacking the latter, build upon it by having conversations with those who have more experience.

10) Organize An Exceptional Event

Event sponsorship should complement your overarching goals, not replace them. If your event is amazing, top tier companies will be pitching you sponsorship ideas.

Wrapping Up
Securing event sponsors is never an easy task but with the right resources and strategy, the endeavor could prove to be much simpler and more enjoyable than you anticipated. These 10 tips will surely help you find the right event sponsorships while attracting them to you at the same time.



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