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November 2017

When it comes to receiving during the holiday season (and all other seasons, for that matter), at the top of most promoters' wish list is, Event Sponsorships. Finding the right event sponsors means knowing where to look. Read on for some tips on just how to do that.

And, where would your event be without the talented, creative and impressive artists, crafters, musicians and food purveyors here on Festivalnet? Consider supporting them and easing your stress by shopping in our Marketplace! You can even sell your event merch there! Read below about our current efforts to drive visitors there this holiday season!

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How To Find Companies Interested In Sponsoring Events
by Stephen Kim for

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There is no foolproof formula to bring in sponsorship, but by having a more targeted outreach, savvy event managers increase their chances of event success.

1) Define The Fundamentals of Your Event

What is the overall vision of the event?
What overarching goals are you trying to achieve through the event?
What are the values of the event brand?

2) Know Why Companies Want to Sponsor Events

Increasing social media impressions - If your event is particularly well suited for social media sharing, companies will be very much interested in promoting their own social media channels and thinking of ways to push partnered content. If executed properly, this can be a win-win for all parties involved.

Collecting customers leads - Many companies are excited at the prospect of gaining more potential customers through event sponsorship.

Tapping into a specific demographic - Sometimes companies have a difficult time connecting with a certain demographic. Companies are especially interested if the sponsorship can give the brand the exposure it needs in regards to a specific demographic.

Whatever the reasons may be in your sponsor's case, make sure of the "why" behind their eagerness to sponsor and address those needs as directly as possible.

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Tis the Season for Shoppers!

So, we're rolling out a special campaign to increase visitors to the Marketplace this ho-ho-holiday season! Are you ready? Is your shop ready?
Here's what we're cooking up:

  • New Google ads focused on holiday gift seekers starting up before Thanksgiving.
  • Site-wide banners and buttons going up to push our 1 million+ monthly visitors over to the Marketplace!
  • Upping our SEO efforts with some fresh content in our blog and articles!
  • Refocusing the Marketplace around holiday gift buying!
  • The New Items section will be changed to "Holiday Gift Ideas".

Have you considered upgrading to Pro Level to get the 10 item shop at no additional monthly or annual fee (5% on sales)? This would be a good time to upgrade!

To further expand your holiday season potential, you might be interested in our Advanced or Ultimate shop plans where you can add unlimited products!

Whichever plan you're on, update your shop and add new items today for the holiday shopping season. You can do just so many shows over the next few weeks, but you can sell your products 24/7 in the FN Marketplace!

The FestivalNet Giving Tree

"Giving"... It's more than a seasonal thing for all of us at FestivalNet!
Every month, staff members take turns selecting organizations to receive a percentage of our gross revenues. Our Giving Tree supports non-profits working to make the world a better place. This month, our advertising guru Judith Richardson put an apple on the tree for, considering the upcoming holiday season and its impact on hungry children and isolated senior citizens.

The mission of MANNA FoodBank is to involve, educate, and unite people in the work of ending hunger in Western North Carolina, and our vision is a hunger-free WNC.

Visit our ever growing Giving Tree to see past donation recipients here!

We're always seeking articles about working in the festival biz: tips, ideas, & resources. Send to:, put "FestivalNet Newsletter" in the subject.

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