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January 2013


Thinking of changing your style to be more profitable? This month's tip from J Michael Dolan talks about why you shouldn't change just to fit the market.


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FNO Newsletter Editor

Absence of Formula
by J. Michael Dolan


Ever worry that your art or products are not commercial enough? Ever think about "reinventing" your work to fit the mold because you read somewhere the "new formula" or the "new rules" for making it today? I think that redirecting your art just to make it more mainstream and commercial would just provoke your current fans & customers to look the other way, because to them, you'd become just another one of the 250,000 other "hopefuls" attempting to go "viral" or "socialize" your way to fame and fortune. In the old days, we called that "selling out!"


Great work is not created out of a "common" formula. It's actually created out of an "absence of formula!" And the only true "formula for success" for any pro artist & entrepreneur is the one that you cook up in the sanctity of your own creative space, whether that's in the studio or the penthouse. That sacred time of day (or night) when you get completely consumed in the work you love, creating form, inventing truth, grappling with your muse, and battling with your inner demons of doubt & fear. It's during those times when the crazy creative genius (inside you) gives life to incredible ideas, and produces extraordinary work, and designs ingenious ways of sharing and spreading great entertainment that inspires us, and great products & services that benefit all of us. THAT'S the new formula. Heck, that's the ONLY formula! And it's not found in a bloggers tip-list or a consultants how-to book. It's found in your your your home your creative work-space. And it's mostly found in the deepest purest depths of your creative soul. You're an artist, an entrepreneur and this is your destiny! And the only true formula or "plan of action" designed for your personal success is the one that YOU write.





by aikenpen, posted 01/23/13 19:12:58

In thinking of this article I have found this to be true. I make custom pens, pencils and accessories. I have been turning for about four years. I don't concern myself with other pen or wood turning vendors. I am my own competition! Therefore, when I am in my shop I am meticlious with quality work This has manifested into a multitude of positive comments for the items displayed at art, craft and specialty shows.
I enjoy talking about my items with the customers and passers by. I like doing the shows with the inter action that is shared with the people.
My display is attractive, eye appealing and colorful.

Richard Van Hulle,

by rogi, posted 01/23/13 17:52:33

Thank you. This is exactly what I have doing. I always think, "Oh, my style won't be understood so I must change something to become a creator that creates a product that says, Oh, I must have this!". I'm not creating anything with that mind-set.

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