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Festival Network Online Newsletter
             Aug./Sept. - 2003

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A note from the publisher.....
Hi Everyone,  Sorry no newsletter last month, so this is a double month issue and it is
short and sweet.  We got behind with summer demands and vacations and....
Well you know how it goes.

Cheers - Kurt

A note from the editor.....
In my opinion, the most difficult task for an artist is to create new and original work.
From painting to pottery, jewelry to wood carving, composing to cooking - it's quite a challenge to come up with something that has "never been done" before. Maybe it's the way we think about things, or even the way we "don't" think about things. I've been facing my own "creative block" lately and have had to do a lot of "thinking outside the box" to come up with something new.  While searching for ideas I found a wonderful website called Creativity Basics.  This site has so much  helpful information available on keeping your creative juices flowing that I just had to share it with you.  I also found a great book  -
Dancing Corndogs in the Night: Reawakening Your Creative Spirit,
by Don Hahn, Hyperion, c1999,ISBN 0786863749 - $22.95

Mr. Hahn was one of the animators on Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.  This is a wild and crazy look at the life of creativity. Along with the humor, the book is full of solid advice on creativity. Hahn talks about the scariness of taking risks, the frustration that can come when things are going right, the downright hard work of making a dream come true, and the amazing thrill when it all happens the way you dreamed it would.

There are many illustrations from Hahn's life (the dancing corn dogs are from an ad for the refreshment stand at a drive-in), humor, and inspiration, this is an inspirational read in the sense that it will inspire you to get up and get going.

So - get up and get going!

As always, keep on, keeping on.  Diane

Creativity Basics

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Newsletter Editor:
Diane Elliott Bruckner -

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