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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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Musicians News:

by Ari Herstand for Ari's Take

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Make sure you have three bios: a long one, a short one (1 or 2 paragraphs, definitely under 500 words) and an elevator pitch. Make sure every bio includes pronunciation of the name. Your bio should be written in the third person.

Your long and short bios can be on your website. The elevator pitch is not mean to be written anywhere, but just for you to think about.
Your long bio can be structured like this:

image via Tikkho Maciel


Start the bio off with a quote from a band member or press outlet or a lyric from one of your songs. Something that sets the tone and is indicative of what your project is about.

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Food Vendors News:

Don’t Get Caught in a Lawsuit! Implement These Food Safety Tips Before Your Next Catering Event
By Food Liability Insurance Program 

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Imagine you're serving food at a wedding reception and the guests fall ill after consuming your food! How would you respond? Food poisoning can happen to any caterer and it is important to make sure your business is covered.

image by @neonbrand


Melissa Conarton and Jesse Abbott contracted a catering company to serve food at their wedding reception. There were over 100 people that got sick and 22 that were hospitalized overnight. According to court papers, the caterer's macaroni and cheese was statistically significant for staphylococcus aureus, a gastrointestinal illness. The couple sued for damages in order to pay their guest's medical bills and the caterer countersued for lack of payment for their services.

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Artists & Crafters News:

5 Mandatory Tips for Emerging Artists
by Eric Armusik for Fine Art Views

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I really didn't have any support early on in my career and because of that, I promised myself that when I achieved some level of success I'd never refuse anyone who asked for help. The question I get asked the most is: what advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

Here are 5 mandatory tips for emerging artists.

1. Get a website.

Make it easy to remember, preferably your full name .com. If your name is common like a "John Smith" and the address was taken, then add "art" or "paintings" or something similar to that to the end of it. Make it EASY. You will have to use this address to attract people to your work every day of your life. Do not use some free service that doesn't allow you to have your own name. If you make ANY investment in your career monetarily, this is the one to make. Social media is not the sole answer to a thriving art career. You need a good website with a portfolio and content to establish a presence online and to have your site found on Google.

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Promoters News:

13 Tips for Driving Event Attendance with Email Marketing
By Grace Miller for bizzabo.com

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For event marketers looking to email to get the word out on their event, the question then becomes: How do you stand out?

1. Make your email look great on mobile

It's a mobile world. Given the love affair with all-things-mobile, it's not surprising to learn that more people rely on their phones for everything from checking their email to RSVPing to an event.

image via NeONBRAND

What does that mean for event marketers? You have to make sure your email looks stunning on every device. Use an email service provider that offers responsive templates, which adapt to fit any screen size. Then, always make sure to preview your email on a mobile device before hitting “send”.

2. Make your email CTAs clear and bold

The call to action (CTA) in every email—be it an event invitation or a post-event survey—has to pop. The average subscriber spends about 11 seconds reading your email. That's right: 11 seconds. To compensate for this, you have to leverage well-defined elements that explain what your email is all about at a glance.

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