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Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Festivals, & Others that exhibit, perform or work in the music, art, craft, festival biz and special events industry, will find these past Newsletters of interest.

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September 2017 Newsletters - Artists & Crafters | Musicians | Food Vendors | Promoters | MarketPlace

Artists and Crafters News:

Most of Your Art Marketing Will Fail. Keep Going.
by Carolyn Edlund

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This month, I'm working on a number of different projects. Editing and launching a new art business course. Talking with art organizations about potential workshops. Implementing a new email campaign series for the nonprofit I run. Reaching out personally to a hundred prospective customers.

Most of my efforts will fail, but this is part of the reality of business. Marketing and sales is a numbers game, and any good salesperson can tell you that if you close 10 - 20% of your prospects, you have done well.

The vast majority of attempts you make to market and sell will result in rejection, and as an artist, that might be hard to face. But as you gain experience, you will toughen up, be able to hear "No" without flinching, and move on to the next opportunity. To be successful, you must be willing to keep going despite difficult days, slow months and long droughts. It happens. Amazing opportunities also happen, and sales you didn't predict. Those sales might seem like gifts, but you actually earned them. You earned them through persistence and professionalism and simply not giving up.

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Musicians News:

How to Make a Music Video on a Tiny Budget
by Ari Herstand

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A while back, I released a music video. It cost me exactly $0 to make and it looks pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. Well, I can say so because I didn't make it. I kind of had nothing to do with it - other than writing and recording the song of course (and showing up and shooting the thing).

So how did this happen?

Well, 4 years ago I played a house concert in LA. After the show a woman came up to me and said she was really moved by the performance, is a filmmaker and wanted to make a music video for me. I wasn't planning on creating a music video at the time and told her I didn't have a budget together for one, but she told me it would be a passion project for her. We got together to discuss concept and then spent a couple days with a small crew on Venice beach shooting it. As time passed, I kind of forgot about it (I wasn't paying her so I couldn't really set deadlines), but then a few months ago I got an email out of the blue from this filmmaker with a Dropbox link to the video and a brief note "sorry for the delay." Ha.

You Pick Two

There's an old saying, "Good, fast, cheap. Pick two." So, this is good and cheap. But it wasn't fast.

When creating your music videos (and recordings), always keep the You Pick Two philosophy in mind. It holds true in most situations. You may get lucky where your good friend, who is an awesome filmmaker, just finished up a giant budget film, has some free time, doesn't need the money and will work on your project to help you out. But that is beyond rare. And you definitely can't plan on this.

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Promoters News:

How to Ignite Your Event Marketing with YouTube
by Laura Lopez

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Marketing for your event can take many forms: email marketing, influencer content, paid advertising, or organic content like blogs and social media. The beauty of organic social media is its attractive, low-cost of $0. But YouTube, unlike its sister social media channels (and video in general), has statistics that might make you think twice about creating video content.

Consider these staggering video stats:

  • YouTube ranks as the #2 search engine behind Google (which holds the #1 spot and owns YouTube).
  • Companies who use videos in their marketing grow revenue 75% faster than those that don't.
  • Videos are 75% more likely to push a reader to your website than any other type of media.

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Food Vendor News:

Not Getting Responses From Events You've Contacted? We're Here to Help!
by Michelle Morrison for FestivalNet

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We know that the wait can feel like forever after you've submitted your application to a prospective event. And not hearing back at all can feel very discouraging. But fear not! We've compiled some trade-secrets to help you get ahead of the pack, improve your response rate, and get accepted to more events!

In most cases it's actually what you do BEFORE you contact the event that will set you up for a better response rate in the end:

Make sure you are contacting the right events for your product/service. Our Pro Search can help you with that. For example, selecting categories from the "Allowed" drop down in the "Exhibitors" box will find events that allow what you do. For more search tips, there's a help link in the top left corner of Pro Search.

  • Be sure the deadline date has not passed. Contact each event well in advance of their application deadline, otherwise emails & calls will not likely be returned. Use our handy "Deadline Reminder Newsletter" and the "Deadlines" option in Pro search to get ahead of the game.

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Are Your Prices Unrealistic?
by Carolyn Edlund

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Many years ago, a certain art professor showed his portfolio slides to a class I attended, as a sample of how to put together a body of work for presentation. His beautiful ceramic perfume bottles were quite impressive and skillfully made. Along with the images were prices for each item, which averaged in the range of $600 each, which was his example of pricing to the class.

Not long ago, I happened to speak with an artist who by chance got the same talk from the same art professor with the same slides. She, however, had the presence of mind to raise her hand and ask "How many of these perfume bottles have you sold?" The answer: Zero.

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