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Artists & Crafters News:

How to Get Traffic to Your Artist Website
By Clint Watson for Artsyshark.com

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First off, while it's commonly phrased this way, I hate using the word "traffic" in conjunction with marketing art.

It's so impersonal and doesn't, as a concept, capture what you actually need. You don't need tons of "traffic" to sell art. You need the right, targeted potential buyers.

How to Get Traffic to Your Artist Website

Many artists have the idea that "setting up a new website" is pretty much all they need to do to "market their art." They think that potential customers will magically appear at their website once it's online. Or, perhaps they think that somehow their web host will be doing the bulk of their marketing for them.

That's simply not the case, and it's a recipe for disappointment.Some artists do understand that they need to entice people to their websites. But, they think that getting their site listed in Google will bring them buyers. That's not true either. It's perfectly possible to have your site indexed by Google and never have anyone search for you. Search engines don't create new demand. Search engines harvest existing demand. Guess who has to create demand for your art – you do!

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Food Vendors News:

Don't Let Trendy Ingredients Rule Your Menu
By Richard Myrick for Mobile-cuisine.com

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You know what I and many other food concession diners don't want to see any more? Salted Caramel. We will even toss in Sriracha for that matter. Don't get me wrong, both of these are great ingredients that I enjoy tasting in dishes. But the constant food media overhyping of these ingredients has weakened their appeal for many. Which begs the question: What is the point of saturation for trendy ingredients and when do they begin to lose their market appeal?

On the other side of the argument, when does an ingredient have enough pull to attract curious consumers to your food service window?

Food Vendor News

When To Use Trendy Ingredients

Adding the latest trendy ingredients to your menu before your competitors can give you the edge to stand out from the crowd. Not only will you win the business of trend following customers, but you'll also be able to charge higher premium prices.

So what are the items we've seen on food concession menus that we wish more would include? Which ingredients and menu items do we want more accessible across the country? And which ingredients don't we want to see as part of a differentiation statement; even if we don't mind them showing up on menus?

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Promoters News:

9 Principles for Building a Beautiful Event Websites
By Siobhan Becker for Bizzaboo.com

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You just know when you see a good event website, it’s attractive, easy to navigate and displays properly across all platforms. You may not have been born to design websites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Here are some basics for creating a compelling event website.

1. Know your audience
Identifying your audience may actually be the easy part - the people visiting your website are there to find out more about your event. Your job is to put yourself in their shoes. What kind of information would you be looking for if you were attending the event? How would you like it presented to you?

2. Keep your branding front and...left.

You want people to recognize your brand just by looking at your homepage. Uniformity is the key. Use your company’s colors and fonts. And, several studies show people first look at the top left of a screen and read in a horizontal "F" shape movement from there. So, your logo should go in the top left corner.

3. Keep it simple
You may be eager to show off your event, but busy images and dense text can be overwhelming. Give visitors the information they need without putting everything they need to know on the first page. Instead, create dedicated pages for the venue, vendor info & apps, schedule, sponsors, ticket prices, etc.

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Musicians News:

12 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes (and Engagement) For Your Musician Page
By Ari for Ari's Take

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Everyone knows Likes can be bought and you look foolish if your engagement is well below the number of Likes you have. But more importantly, buying Likes will reduce your actual organic reach. Here are 12 quick and simple ways to drastically improve your Facebooking.

1) Upload Videos To Facebook

Facebook now has 4 billion video views A DAY. FB prioritizes a Facebook-uploaded video over a YouTube embedded video (not to mention that Facebook videos automatically play in the newsfeed). And, now that Facebook is starting to roll out video monetization at the same payment rate YouTube offers (55%), you can start making some moola on your viral videos.

2) Post Photos of YOU, Often

The reason Instagram has exploded is not because of their video feature. It's because of the high quality photo offerings. Feel free to link your Instagram to your Facebook Page. Because Facebook owns Instagram they make this sharing seamless. (Do NOT, however, link your Twitter to Facebook or vice versa.) Definitely post photos giving your fans a peek 'behind the scenes', but make sure YOU are in the photo.

3) Feature A Video

One of the most underutilized features is the FB Featured Video. Once you have videos uploaded you can select one to feature. It will then show up on your profile on the left hand side directly below About. It will be the first thing people see when visiting your Page. And most people will click this first - so feature a music video, live performance video or your EPK. Watching a high quality video is the easiest way for someone to be introduced to your music. So, make sure you have high quality videos made!

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