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Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .
Please call us 800-200-3737 or send an .


General FAQs

FestivalNet is not affiliated with any festival we list on our site.

A membership to our website saves you time in your event research!

If you need additional info on event schedules, buying tickets, music lineup, how to be a vendor, when the parade starts, parking arrangements, or if your dog or cat can come, please contact the festival directly. You can look up their website or social media if you are not interested in our membership services.

You can become a free member of and get full show details on any eight events of your choice. To do that, go here.

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If you have questions about individual events, please visit that event's website or contact the show producers individually. FestivalNet is not directly involved with the events.

Our website members have direct access to extensive event details. Check out our Membership Info page. does not sell the event tickets, rent vendor booths, or otherwise manage and produce the events you can find on this website.

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General FAQs, Buyer questions

Yes, you do not need to register with FestivalNet in order to shop in the Marketplace. However, if you create an account you will have an easier checkout experience when you return to shop in the future.

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Member FAQs

FestivalNet is not directly involved in transactions between our members, Marketplace buyers, or site visitors and can not be held responsible for negative experiences with individuals or organizations that are part of FestivalNet. We can not mediate or assist in conflicts between members.

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Buyer questions

The FestivalNet Marketplace is an emporium of quality products from different sellers, your order may contain items from several different sellers. If this is the case, your order may have one or more sub-orders, each of which will be delivered by the respective sellers separately.

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We encourage our sellers to take the utmost care in packing and promptly shipping the items you order. In the event that your order reaches you in a damaged condition or does not arrive, please contact the seller for instructions on how to arrange a refund, return the item or work out a resolution. For Paypal transactions, you may also seek out their refund request options. Visit Paypal’s customer help center for more information.

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Please review each seller's policies or contact the seller for more information regarding order fulfillment and shipping.

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We encourage you to leave feedback for the seller about your purchase. No action is required on your part, although when you view an order in your 'My Orders' section that has been received, please change the status to 'delivered' so the seller knows you got it.

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